How to Make a Concrete Log Mould

This video tutorial particulars the course of action of earning a FormRub 35 rubber mould of a log in purchase to cast concrete stools. The initial log is sealed and produced and then placed in a cardboard concrete tube. The mould rubber is poured around and on prime of the log to make the mould. FormRub 35 is pretty low in viscosity which will allow it to conveniently stream into the deep textures of the log.

The techniques in the course of action are listed beneath:

one. Put together Authentic Product (i.e., the log) [:30]
2. Assemble Containment Area All around the Log [2:ten]
3. Evaluate, Mix & Pour the Mould Rubber [five:38]
four. Demold [seven:37]
five. Cast Concrete [eleven:00]

Facts on FormRub 35 Liquid Rubber:……

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Post time: 11-01-2016