How to Make a Brush-On Mold with Mold Shell [Part I]

In this video tutorial, we demonstrate how to make a brush-on mold using tin-cured silicone rubber (Silicone Rubber: TinSil® 80-30).

Watch Part II of this tutorial ( to see:

• mold shell construction (using Poly 1512X polyurethane plastic)
• cutting the mold
• how to make a plastic casting using a rotational casting machine (using EasyFlo 120 polyurethane plastic)

The Steps in Part I of this tutorial:

1. Establish Pour Hole 1:00
2. Weigh & Mix Rubber for First Layer of Mold 2:25
3. Brush-On First Layer of Mold 3:41
4. Weigh, Mix & Brush-On Second Layer of Mold 6:18
5. In the Meantime, Cast Rubber Pieces for Parting Line & Keys 7:41
6. Weigh, Mix & Brush-On Third Layer of Rubber 8:15
7. Weigh, Mix & Brush-on Final Layer of Rubber 8:56
8. Create Thick Parting Line 9:30

The Steps in Part II of this tutorial:

9. Construct Mold Shell
10. Remove Mold Shell
11. Cut Parting Line in Mold

The Final Step: Rotational Casting with EasyFlo 120 Polyurethane Plastic

For more information on mold making and casting:

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Post time: 12-02-2016