How To Make a 2 Piece Silicone Rubber Mould

This mildew generating tutorial video exhibits how to make a two piece silicone block mildew working with Mould Star 15. The finished mildew can be made use of for casting resin, wax, foam, and numerous other elements.

The unique design is a plastic sphere. The 2-portion mildew should really be break up together the horizontal axis.

Procedure Overview

1: Just one half of design is embedded in clay
2: The to start with half of the mildew is poured and authorized to entirely remedy
three: The mildew is turned about and clay is taken off
four: Release agent is sprayed to reduce bonding
five: The second half of the mildew is poured

The mildew is authorized to entirely remedy prior to demolding.

Producing the 1st 50 %

Construct a mildew box. Seal seams with scorching glue. Secure with a mildew strap. The design ought to to start with be partly embedded in clay. Commence by constructing a clay bed inside of the box. Push the design into the clay bed till only the prime half is exposed. Use much more clay to fill in any open up spaces. Stage the clay surface to the model’s midpoint. Flatten and smooth the clay surface. Embed small acorn nuts in the clay cause: results in registration keys between mildew halves.

Mould Star 15
1:1 Very low Viscosity Platinum Silicone

Dispense equivalent amounts 1A:1B by volume. Dispense components A and B into mixing container. Blend components A and B as directed. Slowly pour into a single corner of the mildew box. Pour 1/2 inch (1.25 cm) about model’s large place. Permit Mould Star 15 to remedy.

Producing the Next 50 %

Commence by removing the mildew box. Flip the mildew about and clear away the clay. Do not clear away the design from the mildew. Meticulously clear away the acorn nuts without the need of removing the design from the mildew. Clear away extra clay with a rigid brush. Trim flashing and then reassemble the mildew box. Reseal seams with scorching glue.

Relieve Release 200 ought to be made use of to reduce refreshing silicone from sticking to healed silicone.

Spray a light, even coating. Brush about all surfaces. Spray a second light, even coating. Build a funnel formed pour spout with clay. Secure the clay funnel to the prime of the design. Evaluate and mix second batch of Mould Star 15. Slowly pour into a single corner of the mildew box. Pour 1/2 inch (1.25 cm) about model’s large place. The clay funnel should really continue to be partly exposed. Permit Mould Star 15 to remedy.


Meticulously clear away the mildew box and trim flashing. Clear away clay funnel. Slowly peel back the healed rubber. Meticulously clear away the unique design. Mould Star 15 demonstrates fantastic element, ready for casting.

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