How To Entire body Perform and Paint Plastic Car Components Oneself (SEM)

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In the movie higher than we tackle the most common correct in the sector. You know when you see those hideous light plastic bumpers appropriate?

Well, there are 3 ways to correct this eye sore.

1st. you can check out to scrub them with some automobile cleaning soap or degreaser and clean the oxidation off.

2nd. you can obtain a solution they provide (like a fundamental rubbing compound) which functions effectively, and just rub it out. Some ppl use peanut butter! I personally feel that is a minimal wacky but what ever floats your boat. I’de rather use appear compound. the similar compound that you would use to buff your automobile.

third. If the bumper genuinely seems lousy (Paint It!).

That’s what we’ve made the decision to do in this 7 moment movie higher than.

Preserve in intellect that this job was a QUCKIE. We didn’t hassle to fill in the small scratches with glaze putty that had been on the rear bumper address. Excellent matter. Simply because I uncovered out that the truck was backed into one thing a week later and acquired ruffed up even additional.

The initially phase to portray plastic sections is to thoroughly clean up your plastic. I choose lacquer thinner.

Remember: there us a distinction concerning ‘paint thinner and ‘lacquer thinner’. You want to use lacquer thinner. Up coming, decide some cans of SEM bumper coater. It truly is good stuff and they also have a method now exactly where you will not need to fret about adhesion promoter (stuff to put on the plastic so your paint sticks).

Mask. Choose your time and do a good job. Prep is the most inportant aspect of portray. If you do a crapy job masking, the job will appear like hell.

You can lightly moist sand your plastic with 600 grit if you desire but I would not go any courser. The bumper paint is slender and you may well have difficulties covering. As extensive as your sections are washed effectively with lacquer thinner you are protected to paint directly on your plastic bumper.

Spray 2-3 coats or until finally entire coverage. …and that is mainly it.

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Post time: 09-26-2016