How To Control Injection Molded Part Quality

This video is an excerpt from Paulson Training’s Practical Injection Molding Expert series. This excerpt is from Lesson #4 Lesson 4: How To Control Injection Molded Part Quality.

Complete details on this training package can be viewed at:

The Expert Molder Module from the Practical Injection Molding course builds on the 2 previous modules Basic Injection Molding and Optimizing Injection Molding Machine Control Settings. This course is specifically designed to build an in-depth understanding of the injection molding process for injection molding professionals that wish to be at the “Expsrt Molder” level of their profession.

Expert level injection molding knowledge is vital to the success of today’s molding operations. Increasing customer demands and increased competition require a company-wide commitment to developing the in-house resources that separate your production team from your competition.

Post time: 12-18-2016