How to carve leather – carving – Leather tooling for beginners – Bruce Cheaney Leathercraft

How to carve leather – carving – Leather tooling for beginners – Bruce Cheaney Leathercraft. Carve oak leaf into wet and cased leather with Barry King swivel knife that has a 1/4″ hollow ground blade that cuts leather like butter.

Video and Article by Bruce Cheaney

Nature has all kinds of things that you can get leather carving ideas from in this case I found a small oak leaf that fits perfectly on this leather coaster for this leather carving tutorial.

I use a small C.S. Osborne saddlers awl to trace around the oak leaf.

The leather I am using is a 3 3/4″ circle that is 10/12 oz. leather and perfect for practicing carving leather designs and can be used for a coffee coaster to set your coffee cup on it.

After I cut the oak leaf into the leather I let the leather dry out a little bit then beveled around the leaf with a Craftool B802 beveler that I got from Tandy Leather.

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