How Does the Quality of Steel Mold Flux Matter in Steel Manufacturing?

With the demand for steel growing every year, the size and scale of the global steel manufacturing industry has also been growing. Consequently, there has also been an equally rapid growth in the demand for the auxiliary materials required in the steel making process. Among the most important additives materials in the process is the steel mold flux, which is an essential material for removing impurities out of steel in the early manufacturing processes. Also called the mould flux or molding flux, the granular or powdery material needs to be used in the right quantity at the right time in the steel manufacturing process, usually when the steel is in liquid form that is freshly derived from the iron ore.

How is steel mold flux derived?

Steel mold flux have been popularly used by steel manufacturers since the mid 20th century. Steel mold flux are usually manufactured or derived from by one of the two compounds Calcium Oxide (CaO) or Dolomite-CaMg(CO3)2. In nature these compounds mostly exist as solid rocks often in mixture with other materials. Hence, to make them suitable for use as flux in the steelmaking industry they are crushed, sorted and purified to obtain purified powder or grains. In the steel manufacturing industry, the flux is prominently used in the continuous casting process. It is fed into vessels containing hot liquid steel following which they function as slag which absorbs the impurities of the steelmaking process.

Why is getting the right quality of flux important?

Steel manufacturers typically produce several varieties of steel according to the preferences of their customers. However, for the control of the steel production process it’s absolutely essential to have the right kind of auxiliary materials including manufacture refractory materials, casting auxiliaries and metallurgical slag additives. In simple terms, only the right quality of flux can absorb the impurities in a controlled and effective manner. Components in the flux help not just in the oxidation process but also ensure that the right composition of carbon and steel is maintained from early on. Thus, in short, the better the quality of the flux, the better is the quality of the manufactured steel.

Get your flux from the right producers

Reputation and experience of the producers or suppliers must be important indicators aside from the price, when you are looking for the right party to provide you the steel mold flux for your steel mill. For instance, companies could be trusted to bring their customers the right product, considering the fact that they have been in the business for over a decade and have established relationship with a lot of the major steel producers in Asia. With the right flux, steel manufacturers can keep making high quality steel on a consistent basis and keep on winning the trust of their customers.

Post time: 05-29-2017