How Do You Style a Silicone Rubber Keypad?

Silicone rubber keypads are the most commonly made use of variety of switching technological innovation today. They supply trustworthiness, prolonged lifetime and style and design versatility. There are some straightforward rules and simple style and design aspects to take into account when designing a silicone rubber keypad.

Important style and design will range with the useful and aesthetic demands of the application. It is possible to mildew a crucial in pretty much any form and to in shape pretty much any configuration. It is essential to bear in mind that the crucial form will have an effect on the come to feel of the crucial. While a circular shaped normal crucial will have a regular come to feel across the entire surface area a half-moon shaped crucial will answer distinctive based upon where by the crucial is pressed.

The moment you have resolved upon a crucial form and structure the upcoming merchandise to take into account is the technique for marking the rubber and creating legends. There are 3 typical strategies for marking keypads printing, laser etching, and plastic crucial caps.


Printing is the most typical technique of marking rubber. The rubber is fixtured to flatten the crucial prime then display printed. There is no restrict to the selection of colours available. The arc of the crucial prime establishes how far printing ought to be established back from the edge of the crucial.

There are now many selections available for bettering legend lifetime with printed rubber.

  • Plastic Important Caps – custom molded obvious plastic is adhered in excess of the legend or molded into the rubber
  • Oil or Epoxy Coating – coating is deposited on the prime surface area of the crucial in excess of printing, available in matte, semi-gloss, or gloss finish
  • Drip Coating – drip coating can be tricky or flexible. It adds a shiny layer in excess of the crucial prime. It can not be made use of on some keys with sharp angles. Tough coatings are matter to cracking if the crucial has large surface area parts.
  • Parylene Coating – delivers the greatest degree of safety for a non-plastic coating. Parylene bonds to the rubber at the molecular degree.

Laser Etching

Laser etching is in particular very well suited for purposes where by the keypad is backlit. Etching usually requires 3 production measures.

one) Translucent rubber (any shade) is sprayed with a translucent foundation coat ink which will be the legend shade that is seen to the user.

two) Rubber is sprayed with an opaque prime coat ink which will be the overall shade of the keypad.

3) The prime coat of ink is laser etched away utilizing substantial pace etchers to expose the foundation coat.

Alternatively, you can make your mind up to use a single translucent or opaque rubber ink and laser etch the legends revealing the shade of the rubber that is made use of.

Plastic Important Caps

The longest lasting legend kind is custom molded plastic. Plastic legends will not dress in out. Quite a few cell cellphone keypads are designed with plastic keys in excess of rubber.

Functional Style Concerns

Snap Ratio & Tactile Sense

The snap ratio of a keypad establishes the tactile come to feel knowledgeable by the user. The encouraged snap ratio for designers to manage is 40%-sixty% if dropped below 40% the keys will shed tactile come to feel but have an elevated lifetime. Reduction of tactile come to feel implies the user will not acquire a ‘click’ opinions throughout actuation.

Snap ratio is calculated by taking the [actuation force (F1) - get in touch with force (F2)] / actuation force (F1).

Most prospects do not style and design the website and rely upon the company to style and design and meet the demands.

Reducing Rocking Motion

A typical challenge with rubber keypad style and design is the rocking motion that can occur when a crucial is pushed. Rocking motion can reduce the lifetime of the keypad, make actuation tricky for the user, and induce other troubles. The following suggestions will support in decreasing this challenge.

  • Incorporate stabilizing posts on foundation of crucial
  • Maintain crucial stroke as in close proximity to .8mm as possible
  • Maintain website duration to a minimum amount
  • Maintain website angle shut to 40°
  • Actuation force of eighty-a hundred and fifty grams for keys ten-15 mm substantial and a hundred and fifty-a hundred seventy five grams for keys 15-25mm substantial

Return force ought to also be established at thirty-35 grams to ensure that keys do not adhere.

Switch Daily life

The website style and design and the durometer of the rubber are the two components that have an effect on keypad longevity most. The style and design ought to reduce tension on the rubber if prolonged lifetime is preferred. Using higher durometer silicone, growing the actuation force, or growing the stroke will all decrease the keypads lifetime.

Rubber Hardness

Rubber hardness for a keypad can range between thirty and 70 durometer (Shore A). Generally, most keypads are developed between 40 and sixty durometer.

Minimal Important Peak

For any style and design, compute the minimum amount crucial height as follows Keypad Foundation Thickness + Bezel Thickness + Stroke of Important + .5mm.


The carbon tablet is the most typical get in touch with simply because of its prolonged lifetime (>10 million actuations) and reduced resistance (Printed Circuit Board Style

The rubber contacts have to have to make get in touch with with a circuit beneath. Rubber crucial mats on their own are incredibly reliable in operation. Nevertheless, when taking into consideration a PCB style and design, the environment in which the keypads are made use of ought to be considered to ensure that the total switching device is reliable. imum of one.twenty five periods.

Adaptable Printed Circuit Style

Rubber keypads are usually made use of with printed circuit boards. Nevertheless, quite a few rubber keypads are also made use of with flexible printed circuits. Adaptable circuits can be made of polyester or copper (Kapton).

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