How Automotive Foam Suppliers Can Increase Your Profits

The advanced capabilities of a robotically automated production line are nearly limitless. But, when paired with smart software and even smarter designers who know how to finely tune aspects of your product, they produce superior and uncanny results. Whether you just want to consolidate a set of features into one area of a car or car-related accessory, or you are looking to maximize the efficiency of your space by cutting down on extraneous padding, a smart designer is essential in showing you how to smoothly trim each feature without losing the integrity you originally sought to present.

Smart Design Example

Let’s say your design team is working on a new way to optimize fuel costs and available occupant space in a vehicle by streamlining the paneling and molding throughout your interior compartments. By replacing heavy metal components that aren’t necessary for structural integrity with polyurethane foam, you can not only create attractive and comfortable features, but can also lighten the vehicle’s final payload, offering additional fuel savings that make the vehicle more attractive in the modern age. As well, by using smart automotive foam suppliers, these features can be finely customized to enhance their aesthetic quality, but more on that later.

Efficient Molding Architecture

It’s important that your automotive foam suppliers have the latest mold creation techniques. The creation of the foam itself through smart initial pouring techniques not only saves you money on materials, it creates a quicker production time, which means less money spent on powering the machines in the first place. It also means less money spent on the man-hours of production engineers to ensure the quality and accuracy of your particular project. The last thing you want is a supplier that uses outdated techniques to create general moldings that require extensive trimming, additional supplemental materials, or worse, multiple piece constructions where a single, uniform piece could have been created.

The Craft of Customization

Both of the aforementioned ideals come together supremely when you find automotive foam suppliers who can truly customize your design and architecture. This step is far more than simply creating efficient processes that cut down on waste or streamline a design to correct for potential flaws in functionality. This is a process of circumventing barriers in industry standards and methods that create substandard and inferior products.

Because this step is so critical, let’s focus on something small. Let’s say that you are trying to improve the comfort and functionality of a bucket seat design by creating a form-fitting architecture that eliminates the bulky waste of previous designs. So, you’ve completed your smart design phase, and you are ready to move on to your efficient molding. However, the automotive foam suppliers say that they would rather use the previous, bulky moldings to save on the cost of manufacturing new ones. This will mean more time spent in the subsequent phases of trimming, and it might even entail breaking up a uniform piece into separate sections. Skip out on the corner-cutters, and stick with a company that will customize every aspect of your project to give you the best results, both in profit and product.

Post time: 12-22-2016