High Speed Injection Molding of Pet Preforms

High speed injection molding machine(CSD-DP-48) is specially designed direct hydraulic clamping injection molding machine (400Ton) to make preforms smoothly,economically and efficiently.

Our DP series machine ‘s characteristics is as below :

1.Innvoation :Synchronization of mold opening,ejection and charging .
2.High speed:Nitrogen assisted injection system
3.Features: Direct pressure mold clamping system, the most stable mold clamping system
4.Environment protection :No contact between 4 tie bars and moving template, lubricating oil free
5.Precise:Servo valve injection system, 100% accurate in repeated injection .
6.Preformance :D ouble closed-loop servo system
7.Control:European brand is applied in temperature control, temperature control +-0.5
8.Advantage: One station manufacturing for the preform mold and injection molding machine.

Hassan Plas Packaging is a company specialized in manufacturing plastic bottles and containers for Pharma,Mineral Water,Packaged Milk and Pesticide industries.
After our extensive in the field of plastic injection molding,mold making and doing blow molding of Pet,Hdpe bottles,We started to help other companies and individuals interested to set up their new business in plastics.We provide guidance to source,set up and run your plastic business.We are the sourcing expert for the following machines and molds,

We also supply
-Injection molding machines
-Pet blow machines semi-automatic & fully automatic
-Pet preform molds
-Cap molds
-Injection molds
-Pet blow molds
-Extrusion blow molding machines
-Cap slitting,cap folding machines
-Thermoforming machines
-Liquid filling machines
-5-Gallon PC blow molding machine
-5-Gallon Pet blow molding machines
All type of plastic machinery for local and international market.
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