Healthcare Inject Mould Condition Molding Compression Plastic Merchandise Company-Intertech

We are skilled mildew maker & molder dependent in Taiwan. With extra than 25 years practical experience, we can deliver completed production of molds and moldings from A to Z for our clientele with higher precision and higher quality attempts.

We manufacture plastic injection molds, die-casting molds, silicone rubber molds, liquid silicone rubber molds, LSR molds, rubber molds, push molds and warm runner molds (MoldMaster, MasterFlow, LKM, Incoe devices…etcetera). We are particularly specialized in working with undercut molds, unscrewing molds, core pulling composition molds, higher gloss polished molds, interchangeable core molds, warm compression molds, 2-part injection molds, and pilot molds for modest collection production…etcetera.

Post time: 09-12-2016