Grommets Protect Wires, Cables and Hoses

One company offers a complete line of grommets manufactured in Rubber, PVC and TPR materials that are ideal for protecting wires, cables, and hoses that pass through standard sheet metal panels.

The entire product range is designed to fit standard panel holes ranging from 3/16″ to 2-1/2″ in imperial sizes and in the key metric sizes. These parts are designed to easily snap into the holes without any tools during installation. When selecting the proper part, one should consider the environment and exposure that the products will come in contact with. In most cases, these rubber parts will suit the typical application without a problem, but if the product will be exposed to chemicals, ozone or UV light, one should consider trying a TPR or PVC material. These products would be a better match for the application. In other cases, a plastic grommet or a nylon version can be utilized since they are also a stocked item. Beyond standard products, we offer numerous specialized styles including grommet sleeves, diaphragm grommets, International Protection Rating (IP67) grommets and edging grommets to meet the demands of the application and simplify the buying process by allowing one to consolidate with a single vendor.

These standard rubber products protect wires, cables, tubing and hoses and install instantly by snapping them into the hole. They have excellent adhesion and are designed to fit standard sheet metal holes. This product ranges is available in a wide variety of sizes to ensure quality protection for virtually any application.

Other options include International Protection Rating (IP67) parts that are ideal for external applications that require a watertight seal. These parts act as a blacking plug until the cable is installed. Diaphragm grommets are similar because they can be used as a blanking plug to conceal access holes until wires are installed. The design allows for multiple ranges of wires to pass through and the PVC material is non-staining, resistant to ozone, acids and sunlight and has excellent again qualities.

If one is looking for additional support and protection for cables or wires passing through panels, then opt for a sleeve. If the application requires protection for sharp or delicate edges then edging is the appropriate choice for the application.

All of these grommets are available in a variety of sizes and styles sure to suit one’s needs. Whether wires need additional support and protection or a watertight seal is the focus, there is a stocked product to fit the application. With all of these products available to consumers through one vendor, it allows for one to multiply their purchasing power by consolidating their buying needs.

Post time: 06-06-2017