Great Video Part 3: 3D Printed Part to Production Mold

Beyond 3D Printing…
How do you take your 3D printed parts to the next level? Using your 3D printed part as a Master-Pattern to make silicone molds, you now have the ability to make production quality parts from a variety of high performance Polyurethane materials. Using simple methods developed over several decades in Rapid Prototyping, learn how to make a silicone mold that produces high quality parts.

For 40 years, BJB Enterprises, Inc., an ISO 9001:2008 Company, has been in the business of formulating and supplying quality liquid resin systems to a vast array of industries and with a myriad of applications in mind!

BJB offers a complete line-up of Castable Polyurethanes, Epoxy Systems, Silicone Casting Rubbers, Polyurethane Foam Systems, Aliphatic Water Clear Urethanes, Sprayable Polyurethanes, Pigments and Release.

Post time: 05-17-2017