Great Information on Rapid Prototyping Services Using 3D Printing

3D printing was the ideal add-on to the 3D CAD design providing a quick, cheap alternative to conventional rapid prototyping technology to design and building working prototypes.

Now 3D printing equipment used to generate prototypes will determine on which plastics and plasters, and they have new to come in the coming future. Using the prototype will establish 3D printing equipment as best for your project. The main factors that are manipulating the alternative for material used for prototype, is the complexity, geometry and strength of model.

The 3D printing tech is cheaper and more accurate compared to the SLA and also with the SLS machines. It has with additional bonus that has no hazardous chemicals, resins or powders that are to be processed, and it is healthier for the environment instead. A usual SLS machine is using a film size of 0.15 mm, while the other technology uses an object size of 0.028mm layer (it was about half of the thickness of the human hair), so the outside condition that results is better than the SLA and SLS technologies.

On the other hand FDM, uses 0.25mm, but it uses the whole layer of ABS plastic that is perfect for living turning point and accessories selected. SLA and SLS machines are able to produce only portions of the colors, while the Z Corp machines are unique because it can print more colors of similar component. Each of the 3D printing technology has benefits and disadvantages, as well as the materials of a site to know what technology is best for the project.

Lots of designers and companies are using prototypes and models for products and testing functionality of new models, they are also used to get feedbacks from the customers for their new products. The data from these tests are then used to modify the prototype models and develop the product or the design. The 3D printed prototype is an important tool for quick design changes before the product will cost to manufacture, where such changes will be extremely costly. The timing and price savings through rapid prototyping models could be as much.

Advances in rapid prototyping 3D allow faster and cheaper prototyping and manufacturing model by eliminating staff and expensive tools that enable investors and companies to bring the products along with the designs to market faster than its competitors. The question is whether your company needs unfair benefits in the current economic climate? I suppose the answer is ok! OK if the rapid prototyping technology is the one you need.

Post time: 04-27-2017