Graphite and Its Consequences on the Human Physique and Resource Space Machines

The overall health and welfare of toolmakers that use graphite to make electrodes for use the EDM machining of molds need to be a higher priority for management. In addition to the overall health challenges for the employees, the incredibly high-priced machinery, this sort of as the EDM machines and milling machines, will have to be shielded from the detrimental effects of graphite dust. EDM and injection molding are inseparably linked in the production course of action of plastic goods.

Any person who has labored with graphite in the production of EDM electrodes is keenly mindful of the need to have for right dust removal all through the machining course of action. Lots of sick-geared up shops have incredibly little equipment to handle the dust created all through milling and grinding operations.


The MSDS (product safety data sheet) for the artificial graphite made use of in EDM show that there are no carcinogenic attributes related with graphite. It is a chemically inert product and contains no risky parts. It is also made use of for healthcare functions, this sort of as implants and coronary heart valves in the human body.

This is not to say that graphite is thoroughly harmless even though. It can be incredibly annoying to the pores and skin, eyes, and nasal passages. It can trigger stinging, redness and watering of the eyes, and itching of the pores and skin. This can be a incredibly frustrating knowledge when a toolmaker is predicted to generate a shut-tolerance electrode with a fantastic end.

Managing the Dust

The simple but incredibly ineffective solution is to have on particle masks. Practical experience reveals that this stop-gap measure is a failure. The mask shortly is clogged with the fantastic dust and the operator is remaining breathing a disgusting blend of lousy-breath and graphite dust!

Moveable vacuums are the upcoming greatest solution, but this also has several downsides. Generally the filter in the portable shop vacuum is not fantastic plenty of to lure the microscopic sized particles, and they are merely blown back into the air. Also, because the vacuum hose is often cumbersome to manipulate, operators fail to appropriately align the hose to capture the most dust.

Lots of shops use a centralized vacuum procedure developed for the removal of fantastic dust particles, this sort of as graphite. It is crucial to have plenty of air velocity in the vacuum procedure to be productive. It is recommended to have an air velocity of five hundred ft. for each moment and the air in the strains need to travel at a fee of 2,000 ft. for each moment in get to protect against the dust from settling inside the duct work.

With a centralized procedure it is a lot simpler to effectively handle the dust from the different device resources because the procedure is additional successful and the hoses can be strategically put. Special wheel guards are readily available for floor grinders that act as a turbo to remove the dust into the vacuum procedure.

Newer milling machines which are additional or less focused to electrode machining are geared up with very productive dust removal methods. The sealed chamber all around the work region allows the vacuum to capture a higher share of the dust. This progress has considerably lowered the amount of graphite dust in the shop natural environment.

An supplemental approach of dust removal is the use of a curtain of coolant bordering the milling cutter. This prevents the dust from ever escaping and is incredibly successful. This function is readily available on some milling machines as effectively as an accent that is quickly mounted.

A Clear Store Ecosystem

Graphite dust is extremely conductive and has been responsible for the damage of several high-priced resources and machines. Glass scales can give fake measurements because of to the settling of dust. Digital equipment can be shorter-circuited by the dust as effectively. The grimy character of graphite will make it specifically frustrating if it accumulates on work-benches and desks.

It is in the greatest fascination of everybody to make each effort of retain a cleanse and enjoyable environment in a moldmaking or EDM shop. The toolmakers will be happier, the work will be far better and the machinery will accomplish as it need to. It is also incredibly amazing to guests to see a cleanse, dust-free shop.

Post time: 04-30-2016