Gas Assist Injection Molding, Watch the Gemini Plastics Video

Gas assist Injection Molding- — The most important step in the successful launch of your plastic product is hiring the most qualified manufacturing company with expertise in gas assist injection molding . When interviewing candidates, you should ask the following questions:

1. Where is the molding going to take place?

2. What are the manufacturing company’s capabilities? Hopefully, they provide a secondary line of operations like assembly, part decorating, or other valuable services

3. Does the molder have a Quality program in place that can ensure your level of expectations?

Where is the molding and component building going to take place?

Locating a molder in close proximity to the end user (or warehouse) will help save you a tremendous amount of shipping costs in the future. Often times, people seek China molding prices but they don’t take into account the costs associated with shipping the product to the US. In addition, lead time concerns can be costly when you have to wait for 4-6 weeks before your product reaches its’ destination. JIT (Just in time) shipping has become more and more popular in the manufacturing industry.

What are the company’s plastic manufacturing capabilities?

Finding a molder that has the capabilities to perform exactly what you need may be difficult. Many companies mold products but only a portion of them will mold your product and provide all the steps necessary to allow you to be “hands free” in the manufacturing process. On some occasions, molding companies offer a full line of secondary operations so that they can drop ship your product to the end user, if necessary. This includes but is not limited to part decorating, special pack-out, and even full assembly. Any time you have to partake in the process, it adds unnecessary costs. Let your supplier handle the product from receiving the purchase order all the way up to and including the shipping of the finished completed product.

Does the company maintain top-notch quality?

Molding services are basic unless you can engage yourself within a company that also provides outstanding quality services. As we know, shipping a product that doesn’t meet your quality expectations can be disastrous to your bottom line. Not only does it keep you from shipping your products on time, but it also adds a significant amount of costs that were clearly not within your budget. It’s critical to know that your molder has tight quality control parameters in place that are practiced each and every day. Ask to see their Quality Manual. They must maintain these expectations throughout their entire manufacturing schedule. In line measurements will help ensure you get the product you ordered, without any unnecessary costs being added into the equation. Maintaining a high level of quality standards may look expensive on the front end, but it will certainly guarantee you to have the ability to deliver a product that you are proud to provide to your Customers.

Post time: 05-06-2017