Garden Sheds Everything You Ever Wanted to Know

Sheds are often thought of as the non-residential building at the bottom of the garden or the allotment. They can contain a variety of items that can’t find a place in the home, such as: empty flower pots, old tins of paint, bicycles and garden tools. General sheds, or garden sheds are usually small and made out of wood. They come in a variety of sizes as DIY kits, or for the adventurous, there are shed plans if the shed is to be built from scratch. Small sheds can either be; a corner shed, for example: 3’ high x 3’ wide x 2’ deep, a vertical shed, for example: 5’ high x 3’ wide x 4’ deep, or a horizontal shed, for example 3’ high x 5’ wide x 4’ deep.

Larger sheds are available to hold bigger pieces of equipment: ride-on lawn mowers, quad bikes, and motorbikes. A larger shed tends to come with more options, such as: windows and electrical outlets, porches, verandas and sliding doors, as well as decorative additions, for example: window shutters and flower boxes. Larger sheds can be ideal if space is short in the home; they can be converted into an office, a playroom or a hobby room, etc.

Sheds can also be bought for specific uses: a gardening shed can have skylights as well as windows, to increase natural illumination to benefit the plants, ventilation, and a work surface. A potting shed is ideal for the serious gardener as it has large windows; so the shed can double up as part-greenhouse. This feature is especially popular for gardeners who do not have room for a greenhouse and a shed in their garden.

A tool shed is generally very slim, and windowless to keep the tools hidden from sight. They contain shelves, racks and hooks to help keep the tools tidy.

Bicycle/bike sheds are often low constructions and are ideal for protecting bikes from the weather and burglars. Small bike sheds can be attached to a wall or concrete floor to stop the whole shed being lifted! Wide doors make it convient to maneuver bikes in and out of the shed.

Boat sheds is something not usually seen in the garden! But this is useful if there is a river at the bottom of the garden and a small boat and boating accessories need securing.

All sheds should be fitted with a good quality lock, and an effective way of securing windows is to fit an internal grill or bars. A security light near the shed can also increase the security of the shed.

There are different types of materials used to construct sheds. Wood is the most common material. Wooden sheds can blend into the garden or stand out as an attractive addition to the garden. To protect the wood from the elements, termites, mould and damp, a good wood finisher is needed to prolong the life of the shed.

Plastic sheds are made from heavy moulded plastics, such as: PVC and polyethylene, and they come in a variety of shapes and sizes. They are durable, will not degrade and hardly need any maintenance.

Metal sheds tend to be used when long-term strength is needed. Not only do the sheds come in different shapes and sizes, but there are different types of metal to chose from: such as, enamel coated steel, vinyl coated steel and plain steel. Metal sheds tend to only be used for storage rather then being converted into an office etc, because they’re very cold in the winter and very hot in the summer.

Whatever reason you need a shed – there will be a shed that will suit your needs.

Post time: 05-21-2017