Frame Custom Material to Make Unique Photo Casing

Today, the market for photo casing is revolutionizing with new concepts and designs. The new digital photo case with Bluetooth connection allows you to have full multimedia connectivity. You can connect this frame with your mobile phone for hands-free dialing. Such new inventions will keep coming in the market but individuals still prefer to have unique frames. Custom photo cases are the best tool to give your picture a unique outline. When you will visit a frame shop you will gate several materials for making a picture case. Custom frames can be easily created if an individual has adequate know-how on the different materials used for framing a picture.


Matting is can be done in different colors and the main component of it is a compressed layer of paper. Frame matting is readily done by people as it helps to protect the picture inside. Frame mats which are used for custom photo frames is chemically treated to make it acid-free since acid can result in irreversible damage to the pictures.

Generally, frame matting requires different variety of frame mats. These frame mats have different color and texture. Some of the frame mats are covered with colored fabrics. If you visit a quality photo case shop, you can get wider variety of mats than if you visit a mat manufacturer.


Frame moulding can be done with three different materials namely, wood, plastic and metal.

Moulding with wood is available in a wide range of profile like gold leafing, natural staining etc. The quality of this encasing is also rich as the wood is treated to extract the acid out of it. Metal moulding gives a smart look with black outline to your photographs and paintings. The variety in metal is less as compared to wood however you can get bright colors nowadays in metal moulding. Plastic is the cheapest among the three frame moulding materials. People generally avoid this material since it is not durable like wood or metal. But currently, companies are coming up with durable quality plastics which can be a viable option for frame moulding.

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Post time: 04-04-2017