Form – Garden Path. Handmade garden walkway.

Form – Garden Path. Handmade garden walkway.
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How to build a walkway using a mold to fill. This video shows the preparation and installation of the grounds and the mold. Before start, mold shuld be lubricated with oil in order to make it easier to remove later. Align the mold to the level of a small ledge up a couple of millimeters. The bottom of the mold can be filled with a bit of gravel or broken stone. For greater stiffness you can make armature of thick wire or twigs, and also put it on the bottom of the mold.
Preparing of a site for a garden path:
On the place planned for a garden path one should make a ditch 8-14 cm. The soil must be puddled and sand added (2-3 cm), afterwards crushed rock comes above (3-4 cm) and again a layer of sand (1-3 cm). Every layer should be puddled thoroughly.
Preparation of concrete (mortar):
One should use concrete of a mark 400, river sand without content of clay and crushed rock in a fraction of 5-10, 5-20. Sand, concrete and crushed rock are being mixed in proportion 1:3:3. While preparing a mortar (concrete) it is better to use additives (plasticizer) to strengthen it. One can add a dye for concrete.
Shaping of garden paths:
The upper sand layer is being watered thoroughly. The form is being lubricated with a special substance and placed to the site of filling. The path maker mold is being filled with mortar concrete with the help of a trowel. The slab surface and its ages are being evened, superfluous mortar is being removed. Adding of plasticizer allows the surface to be absolutely smooth. In 20-40 minutes the form is being taken off. The path is going to be ready for usage in twenty four hours.
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