Finding the Best Priced Blister Packs For Home Or Business Use

Blister packs are transparent moulded pieces of plastic that are sealed to a sheet of cardboard that are used to display items of merchandise. Blister packages are displayed quite easily and are commonly used by retailers all over the world. They are transparent and extremely versatile, as well as durable and relatively inexpensive.

A blister pack is quite difficult to tamper with, making this form of packaging ideal for retail use. It is so hard to get into as a matter of fact, that it often requires a knife or a pair of scissors be used to open the packages. The plastic shell is vacuum formed around a mould so that it fits tightly around the item. The glue used to hold the plastic onto the cardboard is strong so that the packaged goods can hang from pegs. Blister packaging can be custom created to suit your individual needs. It could be hand sealed or heat sealed depending upon your requirements. Heat sealed blisters will be sealed to a cardboard backing which is cleverly coated to ensure strong adherence. The most difficult kind of blister to open is referred to as a ‘sandwich’ blister and this involves two pieces of plastic heat sealed together with the product in the middle. Again, if you have a small item that is also expensive, this type of packaging is a great deterrent for potential thieves.

There are many companies who manufacture blister packs and depending upon your budget and what type of application you need, there should be a solution for your packaging needs. Some companies prefer to use a pre-made type of blister pack if their product is new to the market or if they have items that are quite small that need packaging for safety and visibility.

Your best course of action when trying to locate the best price is to sit down and take several factors into consideration. Decide whether or not you want your blister packs made especially for your product, determine the number you will need, and take into consideration the amount of money you have in your budget to work with. As with most bulk items, the general rule is that the more you buy, the lower your costs will be. If you are certain that your product will sell, then order a large number of packages, as the savings can be quite significant.

You can find a good number of online retailers who sell bubble packing. In order to receive the lowest priced packages that are suitable for your needs, you should visit several websites in order to do a pair comparison. Be aware of the fact that while some sellers offer lower prices than others for bulk amounts of packages, they may charge shipping rates that are rather high. The ideal seller offers a large range of packages with innovative and eye catching designs as well as low cost customisation and bespoke design services. The shipping rate charged should be based upon the weight of the package itself, so beware of those companies who tack on additional ‘handling’ fees.

Post time: 05-03-2017