Employing Astrology to Assistance Obtain the Treatment For AIDS

DISCLAIMER: You should Observe THAT, LIKE ASTROLOGY, Almost everything ON THIS Web site IS PURELY SPECULATIVE AND HAS Small SCIENTIFIC OR Medical Foundation.

A primary rule of Astrology is that you can often uncover the heal for a disorder (or the antithesis of just about anything for that issue) if you search at the factors ruled by the signal opposite the ruler of the disorder.

An instance of how to use this principle:

Sir Alexander Fleming examined in excess of 600 substances till one particular working day, purely by “probability” (serendipity), he seen that microbes did not type around some bread mould that experienced fashioned in one particular of his petri-dishes.

Microbes are likely to type in moist, stagnant problems. Without the need of a doubt, they fall underneath the rulership of Neptune. Neptune rules the signal of Pisces, so to uncover a killer of microbes we would have to search at the opposing signal, Virgo.

It is reasonably common awareness that Virgo rules wheat and bread. Fleming may possibly have saved himself a complete whole lot of time experienced he just started out hunting at Virgo-ruled merchandise and their by-merchandise.

Alright, so let us use this exact rule to the AIDS virus, HIV. This is a tiny extra challenging at the outset given that there would not appear to be to currently be consensus as to what rules the AIDS virus.

About 50 percent of the references on the web reveal that it is Uranus (Aquarius), and 50 percent appear to be to believe it is Neptune (Pisces). Rulerships are reasonably effortless to operate out, you just have to search at what world is being activated at the time you arrive into make contact with with the creature, object or compound ‘by chance’.

We have to not confuse natural viruses with personal computer viruses, which are absolutely ruled by Uranus. When my personal computer has been infected by a virus in the past, it has generally been underneath an adverse facet to or from Uranus. The identify “personal computer virus” signifies almost nothing, it could equally have been formally known as a trojan or identical.

To uncover what rules natural viruses, we have to search at the aspects influencing a person at the minute they contract the virus. This is hard to do in the scenario of the common chilly, but it may be really effortless to do about the AIDS virus, given that some victims may know the specific day and time that they slept with an infected associate. (To this stop, remember to e-mail if you have information about one particular these kinds of scenario, primarily if you can give the specific beginning information).

Let’s search at the two latest alternatives:

1. If Uranus (Aquarius) rules the AIDS virus.

In this article, we have to search at the opposite signal, Leo, for a feasible answer. Leo rules the Sun. For that reason, we have to search at factors ruled by the Sun, generated by the Sun, or by-merchandise of the Sun, for the heal. A single of the major rulerships of the Sun is Gold. Gold may nicely keep the answers to many of our issues with viruses. What is a by-item of the Sun? Nicely, one particular detail I can believe of is ozone. Sunlight strikes oxygen (O2) molecules in the outer atmosphere, causing the development of ozone (O3). Exams readily available on the web appear to be to have experienced some achievements in this regard. In simple fact, there are 1000′s of references. (Amusing how our difficulty with viruses seems to have enhanced given that the ozone layer started to get broken. Possibly not at all established although.)

Uranus also rules energy and identical concepts, so we should really most likely also analyze all factors linked to the Leo/Aquarius axis for cures. Therefore the answer may nicely be located in factors like electric fields, magnetism, microwaves, resonance frequencies and so on.

two. If Neptune (Pisces) rules the AIDS virus.

In this scenario, we have to as soon as extra search at Virgo (Mercury) for its destruction. The world Mercury rules the ‘heavy metals’ (Mercury, Selenium, Phosphorous, Potassium, Zinc and so forth.) A nearer analyze of these and other Mercury-ruled merchandise may possibly be helpful. As you know, Zinc will help suppress the common chilly virus.

A feasible level of importance listed here is that all DNA (including that located in viruses), is manufactured up of five factors, namely carbon, oxygen, nitrogen, hydrogen and phosphorous. Phosphates may be a very good place to focus on, e.g. selenophosphates and so forth.

You should mirror on this age-outdated awareness if you are fascinated in this place. If we can absolutely uncover out what rules the AIDS virus, it may nicely assist us to quick-list the merchandise on which to focus. Place your thinking caps on!

My intestine feel is that Uranus is its ruler, partly simply because the heal for the critical difficulty of infection and microbes was identified in the Age of Pisces and we are now firmly getting entrenched in that of Aquarius, when in all probability, the cures to most or all virus illnesses will be identified.
Also, microbes are relatively “formless” (Neptune), whilst Viruses have a really bizarre and weird form (trademark of Uranus).
Update December 2005. We may possibly be finding someplace. Just after researching a couple of bircharts of AIDS victims I’m getting certain that the ruler of the AIDS virus is Uranus. A common topic in these charts is an stricken birthchart with really hard progressions and/or transits to Uranus. This would reduce the research down to the place of Uranian-ruled factors, these kinds of as gentle, energy, electrical or magnetic fields, factors involving ionization, resonance frequencies or identical concepts. Most likely making an electrical industry problem (e.g. Tesla coils or other strong fields) that could operate in conjunction with chemical substances that would in some way shatter the crystalline virus structure, something alongside those lines.

Update May well 2006. Just after much wrestling with this strategy I have made a decision to go back to the principles. The ‘cure’ for microbes (Neptune-Pisces) was located in the major symbol of the opposing signal, Virgo. Wheat (as a result bread) is the major symbol for Virgo. With the AIDS virus (Uranus-Aquarius), the opposing signal is Leo and the major symbol is the Sun. Most likely it is merely that the Sun creates ultra-violet gentle which is identified to wipe out the virus, but most likely there is something else that the Sun creates, an electromagnetic frequency or particle that will carry out the exact perform. Superior progress is being manufactured in the industry of employing gold-primarily based compounds to inhibit the virus replicating.

Update July 2006.

Unified Idea to assist suppress the AIDS Virus in clients

For the remaining principle, we are heading back to even the most primary of principles in astrology: Principal rulerships. Almost everything on earth is ruled by a world. People today challenge characteristics of planets. A person can be, for instance, Saturnine. Their conduct would frequently be reserved, thrifty, shrewd, calculating and following traditional and revered paths. A Saturnine person is the entire opposite of a Uranian-dominated person.

Possessing determined Uranus as the most possible ruler of the AIDS virus, we can attract some parallels. A major rulership of Uranus is energy and gentle. It is often included in innovative or “social fringe” conduct. A single of the primary factors Uranus can be included with is homosexuality. A very good instance of an Uranian person would be the an eccentric, gay person dwelling daily life as a artistic artist of some type.

So, from an astrological level of watch, employing major rulerships in unique, we can produce a principle that will satisfy the conditions.

Only put, it would be something radical and quite surprising (Uranus). Electric power would be included and there would potentially be some quite unusual gay connotations. The heal would be located as a by-item of the major rulership of the opposing signal, Leo, the Sun, or as one particular of the natural substances ruled by the Sun, for instance gold or sunflower oil. In the initial instance, Other than the warmth, the only by-item we could effortlessly use would be ULTRAVIOLET Mild.

Heading back to the Neptune/Microbes/Bread Mould principle, we see that we “positioned the penecillin FROM the bread mould INTO the overall body” to get the heal.

In this article, we have to search at “positioning the Ultraviolet gentle FROM the Sun INTO the overall body.”

The most basic, rawest remedy would as a result be to insert an ultraviolet gentle bulb into the anus.

How this would operate.

Prerequisites: 10-Watt ultraviolet gentle bulb measuring roughly 5cm by 8mm, rounded at both finishes.
A round, non-porous electrical wire connected that would double as an extraction cord.
A 9-Volt rechargeable battery or other electric power supply.
A leg-strap with Velcro endings.
K-Y jelly.

Instructions for Use: Use jelly and slumber with it inserted at night time. All blood in the procedure eventually passes through the anus muscles and would be irradiated with UV gentle. Over a interval of a couple of months this would lower the virus stage to an appreciable extent in the overall body.

On the other hand, society (Saturn) will generally search down on Uranus. ‘Misfit!’, it scoffs. Culture has under no circumstances authorized Uranus to have entire flexibility. So we may possibly have to modify Uranus a tiny to get this contraption to healthy in.

Less complicated finished than stated: An Acceptable Item.

10-Watt ultraviolet bulb measuring 1cm by 5mm.
Exact 9-Volt battery, slim nickel-titanium insulated wire and leg-strap.
Circuit tester.

A minor operation would be necessary, via keyhole surgical procedure in a groin, positioning the nickel-titanium safeguarded bulb into the atrium of the coronary heart via the inferior vena cava. Blood passing inside of a couple of millimetres of the bulb would be irradiated for roughly .five seconds per heartbeat. This would be adequate to wipe out a number of particles of the virus per every single defeat. The coronary heart beats roughly a hundred 000 times per working day. The primary difficulty would be to connect it in these kinds of a way that it could not be dislodged. The wire would be connected from the groin to the battery strapped onto the thigh.

They are previously putting in coronary heart pumps this way

An much easier System.

10-Watt ultraviolet bulb measuring 1cm by 4mm.
Hollow nickel-titanium sleeve (stent) roughly 2cm extended and 8mm in diameter, rounded and smoothed on the finishes.
This sleeve houses and safeguards both the gentle bulb and the artery.
Exact 9-Volt battery, slim nickel-titanium insulated wire and leg-strap.
Circuit tester.

A smaller incision is manufactured in the artery and the product is slid in. The wire protrudes through incision just after it has been sewn up and is connected to the battery strapped onto the thigh. We will be monitoring every single affected person on a weekly foundation. It is not identified at this phase how extended the affected person will have to put on this product in order for a noticeable improvement to be manufactured. Sufferers will want to be taught how to guard and retain the entry level clean up.

There are some attention-grabbing content articles on the web, some individuals appear to be to have realized very good success by offering the affected person a ‘light-delicate drug’, extracting blood from the affected person, irradiating it with UV gentle and then returning it into the overall body.

Article on Irradiating the blood with UV gentle

Things alongside those lines possibly, but just do the irradiation within the overall body? Who is aware of, with individuals hunting in the “ideal place”, serendipity may possibly just lend them a serving to hand far too.

Update October 21, 2006.
A single of the speediest increasing sectors in the industry of biotechnology is the use of implanted stents to introduce slow-launch medication into the overall body. This convergence know-how could be useful in this scenario. Ideally, a stent coated or married with a gold-primarily based compound could be inserted into one particular of the primary arteries and successfully administer two of the antitheses for the AIDS virus simultaneously. (pse see content articles identical to the use of gold as a medication)

The AIDS virus lives and reproduces predominantly in the blood cells. Surely this is the finest put to attack it?

Update November 9, 2006.
Feasible Added benefits of the Use of UV Mild

You should take note that I am fully out of my depth in these locations. The objective of this page is merely to attract attention to some of the strategies that other therapies may possibly be enhanced by the simultaneous software of ultraviolet gentle.

1. In order for a virus to develop into integrated into the DNA of a cell, the viral protein has to “lower into” the DNA in order to insert its genes into it. Free of charge oxygen radicals injury the mobile DNA to an extent that tends to make this approach much much easier for the virus to accomplish.

It is reasonably nicely-identified that ultraviolet gentle generates totally free-oxygen radicals which essentially activate the HIV TAT gene synthesis. In other words, illogically, UV gentle speeds up the spreading of the virus. This phenomenon is dependent on the PARP-1 (Poly ADP-ribose polymerase-1) protein which activates the NF-kappa B genetic factor and can be inhibited or even fully prevented by the venal administration of nicotinamide. It may be feasible to introduce nicotinamide by coating the exact stent made use of for the UV irradiation of the blood.

two. Ultraviolet gentle can potentially activate the TOLL receptors on dendritic cells, turning them into productive killers of the virus when they enter the lymph nodes.

3. It can also potentially activate EQR-1 in an first phase aimed at minimizing the viral payload in advance of making an attempt to get rid of infected cells with other medicines.

4. Ultraviolet gentle may possibly stimulate the expression of CD40 LIGAND in CD4 cells.

five. It may possibly degrade lifeless virus particles to these kinds of an extent that its gp a hundred and twenty/one hundred sixty proteins can no for a longer period cross-url CD4 molecules.

6. Possibly the largest benefit could be the connected use of Cimetidine. It is a identified simple fact that HIV synthesis can be blocked in tradition-dishes, but medical assessments of this exact approach have hitherto tested to be ineffectual in human experiments.

The variance could nicely be that the tradition-dish samples were being (inadvertently) exposed and partly degraded by ultraviolet gentle occurring in its natural point out in the laboratory, as mirrored daylight coming in through the windows. When this test was recurring in human experiments, this may possibly have been the lacking factor within the overall body.

“Eighty a long time back, if astrology experienced humbly proposed that the heal for bacterial infection would have something to do with the bread in their lunchboxes, individuals would have laughed heartily. In a identical way, the primary regulations of astrology propose that the heal for AIDS will have something to do with ultraviolet gentle (or potentially ozone or gold) and its results on degrading or destroying the AIDS virus and/or altering the reaction of the immune procedure in a advantageous method. Almost everything on Earth has an antithesis, much like kryptonite is to Superman. Indications that sq. (3-indicators away) your sun signal may possibly irritate you, but it is your opposing signal that will often problem you and often be the one particular in a position to harm or wipe out you. This may be terrible news, but recognizing this has many strengths.”

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