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EMD Tooling is a worldwide functioning supplier of progressive tools for slicing, bending and drawing. We are specialised in growth and manufacturing of high tech stamps and moulds. Some of our marketplaces are automotive, aircraft industry, equipment setting up and packing industry.

When we acquire a ask for at EMD Tooling, we start with a extensive study of the project’s feasibility, tolerances and how we can increase materials financial savings. Primarily based on a preliminary resource design we supply our client with a specified present, which is even more explained by our Profits Engineer. Also the best time of supply is talked about.

When we have appear to an settlement, we start with the definitive design and design drawings by using our 3D CAD/CAM program. Through the execution of this system we continue to be in regular call with the client so that we can deal with issues in an early stage.

The drawings are imported in our manufacturing program, which presents us insight of the capability on all locations. If essential we can upscale our capability for selected elements of the manufacturing system. Due to our flexibility and reliable associates we can guarantee our purchasers a one hundred% supply effectiveness. All operations are scheduled at our diverse locations of manufacturing. The entire system is monitored by way of our BAR-code system, which presents us serious time development experiences.

When all elements are absolutely produced, the most significant elements are checked by our Top quality Supervisor by using a 3D laser. If essential a measuring report is generated for significant elements. Then, our toolmakers start the assembly system. Right after assembling the resource, EMD has the capacity of screening the resource in our organization. A final inspection of the resource usually takes place by the toolmaker and the project engineer. Ultimately, a 3D measuring report is generated for the conclusion solution.

EMD Tooling also does revisions and servicing for our clients’ tools. On ask for , we can insert the most significant spare elements on inventory.

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