Eliminate Toxins and Feel the Difference

Toxins are any substances that are harmful to the body. Toxins require the body to deal with them – the body sees them as poisons that need to be eliminated. Toxins are a major cause of ill health. They circulate in our blood stream and travel to all areas of the body. In the process of moving around our body they cause problems. Toxins cause problems for the body on their way in, when they move around the body, when they are stored and when they are on their way out of the body. They irritate tissues, cause cells to breakdown and mutagenic changes to occur. This means that the body has to deal with these problems as well as trying to break down the toxins and eliminate them. All of this takes energy and nutrients which have to be removed from the body’s supplies. These nutrients are then not available for the body to carry out it normal functions. Over time the toxins cause more damage and the body has fewer resources – ill health is the end result.

There are many ways that you can break the cycle and the harmful effects of toxins. The first place to start is to reduce your exposure to toxins – this will mean that your body has a chance to deal with the ‘backlog’ of toxins already in your system. The body has many ways to effectively remove toxins – if it can get a chance!

There are some toxins that you can do little about – at least on a daily basis. However, the majority of toxins come into the body from sources over which you have control – by what you buy, eat, drink and the way that you live your life. The list below is by no means comprehensive – it is just a place to start. When you are reading the list don’t think that ‘it’s just a tiny amount what difference could that make’. All of the tiny amounts add up – they all add to the body’s burden and the more you can reduce the toxins the better you will end up feeling.

Consider if you are able to reduce or eliminate any of the following:

  • Cigarette smoke – in rooms, elevators, cars or closed in spaces. If your smoke you need to quit as soon as you can. Growerz.com has a quit smoking program that can support you through the quitting process and enable you to become smoke free for good.
  • Car, truck or plane exhausts fumes.
  • Any high pollution areas, such as in factories.
  • Dusty or dirty rooms or rooms where pets, that are likely to have fleas or worms, occupy. You need to breathe clean air – a air purifier can assist with cleaning the air.
  • Air sprays and fresheners, hair spray, unnatural or spray deodorants, Use ones that are hypoallergenic and are free from aluminium and other dangerous substances.
  • Pesticide sprays, garden and soil chemicals and fertilizers.
  • Paint fumes or fumes from building materials such as, formaldehyde or creosote.
  • Plastic household fixtures and appliances and storage containers. When possible use metal (not aluminium), ceramic or glass. Plastic can be used for freezing but the food needs to be cooled before filling the containers. (Plastic molecules are able to transfer to the food if plastic is used for general storage.)
  • Fumes from household cleansers, glues, marking pens and products like white-out used for paper mistakes.
  • Chlorine is added to drinking water to control the bacterial levels. However chlorine is a toxin and causes many problems for the body. You need to drink pure water.
  • Lead can leach into our water from the underground pipes.
  • Nitrates that usually originate from pesticides are also in the water supply.
  • Household chemicals and cleaners. (It is important to live in as clean a space as you are able – one that is free from dirt, dust, moulds and clutter. Clean all areas that have mould, mildew and grime with rubber gloves and effective natural and environmentally friendly products.)
  • Pesticides used in and around the home.
  • Chemical gases released from synthetic floor coverings, furnishings and building materials.
  • Gas appliances, insulation materials, dust, home and office equipment.
  • The newer your home and its furnishings the more likely it is that your pollution levels will be higher. The potential problem areas include:
    • Roofing timbers – these have been treated with toxic fluids or insulated with unhealthy material.
    • Cavity walls could have been injected with insulating foam which emits formaldehyde.
    • Paints release solvents like toluene, xylene and benzene which are all potentially toxic. The paint could also contain mercury (which can cause brain damage) as well as a fungicide.
    • Wall to wall synthetic carpeting, as well as its backing and padding can also emit toxins such as benzene, formaldehyde, toluene, zylene and styrene.
    • Furniture coverings and curtains made from synthetic fibres can emit chemicals such as vinyl chloride, styrene and formaldehyde.
    • Modern homes have a high degree of toxicity. However, once we know the dangers we can take steps to minimise or eliminate them.

All of these are before we consider the problems associated with the foods that we eat, any drugs or medications that we take or cosmetics and personal hygiene products that we use – I hope that you are not too overwhelmed! From the list you can see that our world is in need of a good clean up. It is no wonder that we are also in need of cleansing. If you are like most people you will have been exposed to many toxins all your life. You body will have been doing battle with them for a long time and it may not be winning the battle! You may not be in a position to start with eliminating major environmental toxins – but you can start to make changes of a smaller nature. Try making one change at a time. Discover more about toxins, their affect on your body and how to how to properly cleanse internally to gain and maintain your health. Get your copy of Safe Colon Cleansing Your Good Health Guide and begin now. Then get on with really enjoying life.

Post time: 06-08-2017