DVD Security Cases

DVD security cases are usually made from lightweight, corrosion free and glossy metals or metal alloys such as aluminum and tin. These cases do not buckle under pressure and are designed for rough use. Some of these cases are designed to be water resistant up to a certain depth, which makes them a good choice for documentary filmmakers.

These cases are available as single and multiple DVD storage cases and some of these can store up to sixty DVDs. Some of these have the lid attached to the case whereas others are available with a removable lid and a separate body.

The interiors of these cases are padded with soft cushion material to protect the surface of stored DVD discs. DVDs are first placed in plastic, vinyl, or paper sleeves before storing them inside the security case for added protection. The exterior metal surface can be designed to include graphics and text imprints. Some DVD security case manufacturers offer personalized services, which allow users to design their own patterns on the exterior surface of the case.

Customized designs representing an individuals initials or a corporate organization’s logo are sent to the manufacturer who makes a physical mould of the design using 3D converter software. The moulds are then filled with liquid aluminum or tin as ordered by the customer. They are then removed and polished to provide a glossy metallic look. The final product is packed using bubble wrap or other cushioning material and shipped to the customer. This process automatically increases the cost of DVD security cases and makes it dearer than commonly used “jewel” or “clamshell” DVD cases.

DVD security cases are heavier and take more space then commonly used DVD cases. However, this has not eroded the popularity of DVD security cases, as they are the most preferred medium for storing and transporting DVDs containing important and valuable data.

Post time: 06-02-2017