DIY Injection Molding: APSX-PIM Desktop Full Automatic Electric Plastic Injection Molding Machine

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We believe there is a future for DIY injection molding, alternative to conventional plastic injection molding market. People will be willing to go with do-it-yourself (DIY) injection molding approach rather than paying high costs and dedicating long wait times to the big injection molding companies with giant machines. Since those machines are big investments and have to run in big batches and continuously, the customers like us do not have many other alternatives. Until now. We built that machine that can make it happen: APSX-PIM plastic injection machine. It compresses the spring, creates injection pressure and pushes the melted material into the mold.

As makers, designers and manufacturers, we need to give our unique product ideas a shape that we can see and also touch them. When it comes to make tangible things such as molded plastic or metal part in your own shop or garage, there is still no affordable and easy way to make them. APSX-PIM plastic injection molding machine kills that pain. It is purposely designed to make plastic injection molding cost effective and easy to apply when the quantities are low for 3D prototyping, testing, new product development, and low-volume production.

APSX-PIM solution is usually cheaper than typical conventional molds alone. Instead of getting the prototypes developed by 3rd party plastic injection molders, you can do-it-yourself with a low-risk and low-cost alternative.

It is great for every shop and garage
It is compact and light weight
No need for dedicated power line
No need for water supply for cooling
10″ touch screen tablet for the user control
Metal Injection Molding (MIM) compatible
3D Printed molds can be used.

We are really looking for amazing things that people will make with this machine. You don’t need deep pockets anymore to make a real part .


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Post time: 02-07-2017