Custom Plastic Mugs – Break the Mould and Give Them Away!

When determining what the right give-aways will be for your business, price is a huge consideration. Although in some cases you might want to give away glass mugs and steins, it might be financially impossible. However, the custom plastic mug is a great alternative and in many cases is even more functional than some of the other items that you might consider giving to prospects.

Custom plastic mugs are very easy to make unique to your business. You can have just about anything imprinted on them and there is sufficient space on the mug to put your company name, logo, phone number and even your website address. The colors can be alternated both from the color of the mug itself to the colors you use in the printed words.

This particular promotional item is perfect to consider when you need to give away a large amount. The cost of the plastic mug is low enough that you will find that you can purchase significantly more of them than you can purchase anything that is glass. The price of plastic in general is cheaper so it is reasonable that the plastic mug would be cheaper in price as well. Additionally, the more you order at one time, the less per item you will usually pay so try to plan out in advance how many you might need for the year or half year.

Since you have many variations available, you can work with the art department or internally with your staff to come up with a very catchy printed message to put on all the mugs. You will be able to get people attention with the creativity you put on your mugs so think about something catchy that will allow you to stand out from the crowd. The whole idea of giving away anything is to be remembered by those that see it, so creativity, color and design should all be well thought out prior to having these printed up for your event.

Post time: 01-14-2017