Crawl Space Mold – How To Buy The Best Mold Prevention Kit

Crawl Space Mold is a common problem for houses with crawlspaces, but it’s doubtful how many home owners realize the health hazards of molds. Throughout my career as an encapsulation specialist, I have noticed that many people do not really recognize the importance of preventing mold unless the mold growth became quite severe. When mold grows excessively on your crawlspace, it’s a tedious procedure to remove it and this is why you need to take preventive measures to block mold growth from the very beginning.

Preventing crawl space mold is quite easy with the proper encapsulation system and a couple of accessories that will help you to keep the humidity level of your crawlspace under control. Mold growth is prevented by installing your crawlspace encapsulation system. Here is a step-by-step guide on how to do it:

· Crawl Space Safety: Mold growth and moisture in your crawlspace creates hazardous gases like radon that can seriously damage your health and in some cases, dangerous animals like rodents and snakes also can be expected. If you can observe standing water, there are two major risks: electric shock and chemical contamination and both of these can cause serious injury or even death. If the crawlspace floor is unattended, you can expect nails or debris that can hurt your feet. Flooded crawl spaces also face structural damage, which can cause serious injury.

· Ensuring Your Safety: Wearing protective boots and respiratory masks are very important to protect you from dangers. If you suspect electric shock, make sure to switch off the main switch before entering. In case you doubt structural damage, the best thing to do is seeking professional assistance because you probably can’t handle this by yourself.

· Contact The Store: I have noticed that at many occasions, homeowners are not able to communicate well with the stores and express the situation of their crawlspace. If you can click some pictures and send them, the merchant can provide you excellent assistance on your issue. Experienced merchants can understand your problems by examining your location because they probably have supplied products in your area before. This is why experienced merchants are always preferred.

· Mold Removal: Your store can assist you to buy the best mold prevention chemicals, dehumidifiers and other tools that are required to remove the existing mold under your crawlspace. Removing the mold and keeping your crawl space clean is very important before installing the encapsulation system.

· DIY Kits: DIY kits or Do-It-Yourself kits will help you to bring down the costs of installation to a large extent and your shop owner can assist you to obtain everything that you need to install the crawlspace encapsulation system. By purchasing DIY kits, you will also learn how to repair your crawlspace in future.

Make sure to follow these steps to safely inspect and install a crawl space encapsulation system that will prevent crawl space mold.

Post time: 04-21-2017