Craftsman 3214 Molding Head Set-up and Use

Table Saw Basics


This has been a great tool for me. I can’t justify the space or expense for a real moulding cutter but this tool has met my needs for years. Properly sharpened, I think few tools add as much versatility to your table saw. I don’t even know if Craftsman even makes this anymore but the quality of steel in the old ones is great so pick up a vintage set if you can find them. Mine is one of the latest models and after careful sharpening it seems to cut just as well as the old timer. Trim is very expensive, cutting your own for even one room more than pays for this tool. The old one I used to borrow from my father had cut the trim for numerous houses. In a way owning it has made us thousands of dollars.

Post time: 06-12-2017