Cosmetic Injection – Transforming Conventional Cosmetic Treatments

Around the world, board certified plastic surgeons are offering patients a variety of treatments for a more youthful appearance. Contemporary plastic surgery follows advanced protocol by transcending to non-operative facial rejuvenation treatments.

Cosmetic injections or liquid facelift have clearly redefined the entire landscape of cosmetic surgery. In comparison, these non-operative treatments are highly popular for those in their thirties, forties and fifties who may be too young for operative intervention but need a little boost of youth.

Board certified plastic surgeons with a compact medical practice experience have contributed much in transforming the world of plastic surgery. These cosmetic surgeons’ address advanced facial rejuvenation procedures with non-operative treatments before considering the operative route. Medical science has made extreme strides in offering patients with multiple options.

Cosmetic injections truly represent a new era in plastic surgery, mostly because of its high success rate and precision. While they do not give the same effect as surgical intervention, the improvements are noticeable indeed. It’s a wonderful option for middle-aged adults who have premature skin damage due to sun overexposure.

Cosmetic injections work as an ideal alternative for the ones who notice fine lines appearing along their forehead and around their eyes. These injections work the best on the top part of the face. The main ingredient of the injection include botulinum toxin, which prevents muscles from contracting and thereby smoothing out wrinkles. Involvement of this treatment reduces the crow’s feet as well as the frown lines on the forehead and in between the brows. Results typically last a few months; however, for some patients it may last longer.

Conversely, another cosmetic injection in the liquid facelift protocol is fillers. The best plastic surgeons will convey that re-absorbable fillers are effective in temporarily addressing severe to moderate lines on the lower part of the face.

The primary ingredient for these re-absorbable fillers is hyaluronic acid. Nasolabial folds which are the lines around the mouth area can lessen dramatically with this injection. The results last up to a year for most, and for others, even longer.

As one ages, the volume in their cheeks diminish thereby causing jowls. There is an injectable gel that can help by adding volume to the cheek area. Very slowly and deliberately, a trained plastic surgeon will inject the gel until the right amount is agreeable with the patient and doctor.

While this gel adds a subtle lift it can also help lessen nasolabial fold issues. The benefits from this injection can very well last up to two years.

For those concerned about discomfort, prior to any injection, a topical lidocaine numbing cream works good. After 10 minutes or longer, the patient will have a more comfortable experience.

There is almost no downtime in cosmetic injections. Some bruising may occur for a few days, but concealing with foundation, tinted sunscreen, or a tinted moisturizer proves sensible.

Post time: 02-23-2017