Cool Stuff – Icy Novelties For Really Cool Parties

Ice is funny old stuff. Who’d have thought that a bit of frozen water could make such a difference to a party?

But it’s not just for plopping into drinks. Crushed ice can be used in buckets to cool bottles of champagne, or in cones with a splash of something sweet as a lower-calorie alternative to ice cream on a hot day. Ice can be molded, it can be sculpted – it can even be made into buildings, like the famous Ice Hotel in Sweden which melts back into the nearby river every spring.

Making a party venue entirely from ice is not an option for the majority of us. But we can still have a bit of fun on a smaller scale by creating unusually shaped pieces of ice for drinks, and ice sculptures as table decorations. Here are a few of our favorite novelty ice products to help you throw the coolest party in town.

Gin and Titonic Ice Mould

Create frozen miniature ocean liners with icebergs and watch them collide in your glass. Each Gin and Titonic Ice Mold will turn out four ships at a time, and an iceberg to go with each.

Fossiliced Dinosaurs

Fill the Fossiliced T-Rex or Stegosaurus mold with water, freeze, and then turn out your collection of frozen dinosaur bones into your drink. You don’t have to be a palaeontologist to enjoy Fossiliced Dinosaurs – but we bet Ross from Friends would love them…

Frozen Smiles

These novelty frozen dentures are sure to raise a smile or two when your guests find them floating in their drinks! Each Frozen Smiles mould makes four sets of frozen teeth.

Quack Quack Ice Tray

Create cool party drinks with little icy ducks swimming in them. The Quack Quack Ice Tray makes eight cute little ice ducks at a time.

Fishbone Ice Tray

Add something fishy to your drink with the Fishbone Ice Tray, which makes blocks of ice shaped like fish skeletons. The Fishbone Ice Tray is made of high quality silicon and creates four fishbone-shaped blocks.

Heart Ice Tray Twin Pack

Two heart-shaped ice moulds, which each make ten little icy hearts at a time. Heart Ice Trays are perfect for Valentines drinks – try adding cranberry juice instead of water for really unusual – and romantic – Valentines treats.

BoneChillers Ice Tray

Shiver someone’s timbers with these novelty skull and crossbones shaped novelty ice trays. The BoneChillers Ice Tray is perfect for cooling down a pirate party, and it’s great for Halloween parties too.

Cool Shooters

Don’t just give your party guests ice to put in their drinks… give them shot glasses made entirely from ice!

The Cool Shooters ice mold creates four very cool shot glasses, which you could make with plain water or with juice for a splash of color.

Cool Jazz Drinks Stirrers

Now here’s a really cool alternative to plastic drinks stirrers… make them from ice instead, in the shape of little guitars!

Each pack of Cool Jazz Drinks Stirrers contains guitar-shaped ice molds and plastic guitar necks. Fill the molds with water or juice, add the guitar necks, freeze and then turn out your cool-as-anything guitar shaped drinks stirrers and get stirring.

Cool Jewels

Add a touch of sparkle to your party drinks with Cool Jewels. Unlike diamonds, these jewel-shaped ice blocks won’t last forever – but they’ll keep your drink a lot cooler than a diamond would!

Ice Invaders

Relive your misspent youth with ice cubes in the shape of space invaders. These little frozen aliens are an excellent novelty for 1980s parties, and the durable silicon mold can be used again and again.

Ice Swan Mould

Trick your party guests into believing that you’ve discovered that you have a hidden talent for ice sculpture, by making ice swans as table decorations. The Ice Swan Mold makes a swan that’s 29cm x 23cm x 8cm, making a beautiful centerpiece for your party table.

Post time: 02-04-2017