Considerations in Custom Rubber Molding

Rubber is used in everything to isolate vibrations, to dampen oscillations and more. However, there is no “one size fits all” approach to these solutions. Custom rubber molding processes offer far better performance, longer lasting solutions and considerable savings. What can your company expect to gain with a custom molded rubber solution?

Better Durability

When it comes to rubber molding, durability is everything. When you choose a prefabricated rubber component, there are many things that can go wrong. For instance, while it might be trimmed to fit your application, it is not custom made for your needs, so the fit might be off. A poorly fitted pad, grommet, bushing or other rubber component will be subjected to greater wear, reducing component life and increasing your costs.

Another consideration in durability is the type of rubber used. When you have custom rubber molding made specifically for your application, you can rest assured that the right type of rubber has been used. You have no such assurance with a preformed solution. Different types of rubber have varying degrees of heat tolerance. They also resist the effects of oil and other corrosive substances to different degrees. Chances are good that your application can benefit from one type more than another.

Better Performance

Along with better durability, a custom made rubber component offers you better performance. While you can purchase pre-made isolators, pads and other products, having one made specifically to fit your application is a far better decision.

This allows you to match the exact dimensions of your application – “good enough” is not good enough. When you think about it, you really cannot take chances with performance, as a lack of it will certainly reflect badly on your company and your manufacturing methods. Whether you’re isolating vibration in industrial machinery or creating products for another industry, maintaining your reputation for quality is of paramount importance.

In addition, you’ll find that using the highest quality rubber components in your products will help increase your reputation. When your customers know they can count on your products, a long-term relationship can be founded, which is an essential consideration for engendering the best company growth and profitability.

Working with the Right Fabricator

Of course, it’s imperative that you work with the right custom rubber molding company. Finding the right company can be difficult. Ideally, you will find a firm that provides several different types of molding, including injection, transfer and compression molding. You should also make sure that the company has a reputation for providing the highest quality components, and offers considerable reliability.

The right firm will have experience with large parts, such as locomotive boots and ski lift pulleys, as well as small parts like drain bodies and viton seals. Rubber-to-metal part experience such as electric motor mounts and air spring bumpers, and experience with complex shaped parts are also important. With a company that has experience in all of these areas, you can rest assured that your own rubber components will be manufactured to exacting specifications, by experienced craftspeople.

Post time: 05-16-2017