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Plug Development & State-of-the-art Fiberglass Mould Making. A finish demonstration of the plug style, building, and the course of action of creating a big polyester mould of an SAE Supermileage Racer. This job illustrates the advancement of a comprehensive-scale plug in an environment very similar to a household garage.

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Plug Developing Products
Plywood Bulkhead Framework
#24/twenty five Increasing Polyurethane Foam
Autobody Filler
Microballons & #seventy seven Resin
#seventy seven Polyester Resin & #sixty nine MEKP
#250 Chopped Strand Mat
Drywall Compound
Latex Primer
Epoxy Primer
Spackling Compound
#104 Modeling Clay
Plug Developing Supplies
Saturation Roller
80 – 600 grit Sandpaper
#113 Device Glaze
Sheet Metal for Triangle Supports
#350-A Respirator with additional prefilters and cartridges as wanted
Dust Masks
Dremmel cutoff wheel or other cutoff tool
#1016 Mould Release Wax
#13 PVA
#nine Acetone
Massive Trowel or Putty Knives
Spray Devices for PVA and Primers
Mould Developing Products
#seventy eight Tooling Gel Coat & #sixty nine MEKP #seventy seven Polyester Resin & #sixty nine MEKP
eight Levels of Mat (#250) 4 Levels of ten Ounce Fabric
(Substitute two mat and one cloth, 4 periods
#nine Acetone #166-A MEKP Dispenser #122-A Gel Coat Thickness Gauge
#a hundred and twenty-A Gel Coat Cup Gun #887 Cups for Cup Gun Brushes
Mould Release Wedges Mixing Containers Gloves Mixing Sticks
Formica and other clean tabletop area

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