Collomb mécanique 2 cavity 5 US Gallon pail mould
Collomb mécanique, international mold maker and member of the AGP group, the FIRST FRENCH MOULD MAKERS ASSOCIATION, proudly presents their latest mold design. A twin cavity, 5US Gallon triple lock pail mould. Free-fall cycle time 15 second!!. This trial shows the mould defying minimum clamping force on a 580T !! El Exis DEMAG.
Collomb mécanique has been supplying the leaders in the thin wall packaging industry with pail moulds, tub moulds, lid moulds and handle moulds for over 42 years.
The range of Collomb’s products starts from 1 cavity tools to 4+4 and even 16+16 stack mold tools.
The continence of these products varies from 0.125 Liters to 42 Liters.

Collomb Mécanique definately has to be considered as a serious business partner for your projects and turnkey solutions in the thin wall packaging industry.

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Post time: 02-25-2017