CNC Machining Resources – State of the Art

Here is what you should look for when sourcing a CNC shop:

A team of designers, machinists and CNC programmers cumulatively possessing education and experience in the traditional and CNC machining fields, with a commitment to teamwork, communication and attention to detail.


Design & Programming

State of the art CAD and CAM software packages.

They should accept any type of computer graphics file, or you should be able to send them a sample of your artwork.

Once the shop has the image, they can scale it up or down and manipulate the geometry to produce a cost effective product.

Part Design & Production

The shop you choose should have the ability to work from a sketch, computer model, CAD drawing or existing part to produce a high quality end product.

Tool Design & Modeling

The shop of choice should be able to design and follow through with mold design construction.

This will give them the ability to provide quality products initially avoiding much of the ‘in between’ time faced by other tooling shops.


Thermoform Molds

Using a CNC machine and CAD program, the mold is cut out of a block of aluminum.

From prototype to production – single or multiple cavities

Injection Molds

In today’s fast paced market, they should offer fast turn around on injection molds in order to accelerate your product to market.

Blow Molds

Create a prototype single and multi-cavity mold for test samples and market evaluation.

Also create production molds custom designed to your specific requirements.


Machined Parts

Converting CAD/CAM files into high quality parts  – A high standard of quality is a must.

Thermoformed Parts

Produce sample parts from the molds made.

This capability can save customers’ precious time in their product development process.

Injection Molded Parts

Mold is created using Modrn CNC machining process.

Well designed and manufactured parts are critical to the success of your project.

Post time: 03-04-2017