Clean Up Your Bathroom for Heaven’s Sake

We’ve all had those long arduous days where we just want to escape from the day, and what better way to do that than in a secluded place away from all distraction and all people. While most people don’t think of this the bathroom is an ideal sanctuary to do this. After a hard day, come home, unwind and have a wonderfully relaxing shower.

Let’s be honest though, it’s hard to relax in a shower / bathroom which aren’t nice. I’ve been in some bathrooms where the shower has been a breeding ground for black mould, where the mould is not only covering every millimetre of tile grout, but also covering much of the tiles as well. Fair enough, I don’t have to touch the walls, but the thing which I couldn’t get over was the shower tray; it’s was hideous! Black mould layered over the acrylic tray. I didn’t take a shower that day as I came to the conclusion that I would come out of the shower dirtier than when I went it; a bit of a sad thing really.

My point being it’s important to have a nice bathroom and a nice clean shower for you to make it into an escape, a haven which you can retreat to. Look at your bathroom objectively; is it really as clean as it should be, what does it look like? Does it look like a 1950′s bathroom accident where there is old yellow wallpaper peeling off the wall? Look at your bathroom and shower through the eyes of a visitor. If there is anything you can do to improve it, and if you have the money, do it!

A simple way to improve your bathroom is to re-do your shower. If you have a shower enclosure with tiled walls maybe it’s time to replace the grout in between the tiles, or replace the tiles altogether. A shower kit is a perfect solution for this. A shower kit consists of a shower head, a shower hose, a shower rail and a tap / electric shower. Shower kits are a cheap option to make the shower in your bathroom look great.

There are countless designs of shower kits on the market today so you’ll have no trouble finding one you want. On the other hand, as there is so much selection it could make it even more difficult to decide. There are shower heads made of plastic, brass, chrome and all of these come in different shapes and designs. Furthermore these shower heads can have different functions! There are some shower heads which infuse air into the water which gives the same full body water sensation but by using less water! Some shower heads pulsate, some with a rainfall feature, some with a; well, you get the idea!

In conclusion, look at your bathroom and shower in an objective way through the eyes of a visitor, then take action. Shower kits are an inexpensive way to improve your bathroom.

Post time: 12-18-2016