Choose Reliable Filler Masterbatches

Filler masterbatches are filler compounds that are calcium carbonate based. They are used in the plastic industry to modify properties of plastic polymers of base plastic. The specially formulated compounds improve the physical properties of the polymer thus reducing the production costs of the products in question. The masterbactches that have good dispersion coupled with environmental protection improve surface antifriction, toughness, heat stability, rigidity, hardness and also increase plastic products gravity.

Filler masterbatch is used widely in blow molding, wire drawing, injection molding, blow film, slip casting, extrusion molding and even dyeing. They replace plastic material use, reducing the cost of producing the products for consumers. There are three major options when it comes to them.

Transparent – The transparent option is mainly inorganic transparent powder additive agents and polymer resin compounded and has refraction that is close to polyolefin plastics. To improve the plastic product transparency and reduce production cost, it is used in high and medium quality polyolefin products such as wire drawings, moldings extrusion and film blowing among others.

Nano - This model is an advanced new technology adoption using multilayer surface modified technique so that the nano calcium carbonate disperses in the most even way possible in filler compounding. This type improves bending strength, toughness, and rigidity compared to normal filler masterbatches. It also improves plastic product fluidity, heat stability and size stability as well as printing definition. The market for this filler materbatch is expansive and it is widely used in blowing, tube and pipe, injection, molding and casting among other products. Automobile, home appliances and motorcycle parts and other engineered plastics also use this masterbatch.

Calcium carbonate – This filler masterbatches are made of micro sized high quality calcium carbonate and they have very good filler properties and whiteness. They improve plastic product characters and at the same time reduce the production costs. The filler masterbatch has strong aging and antioxygen resistance, good dispersion and good anti-pressure reduced contractibility that decreases deformation for product contractibility. This is the perfect filler masterbatch type for products such as casting film, woven bags, garbage bags, packing belt, sheet, pipe, snack box and appliance shell among others.

The grades

Filler masterbatch comes in grades and it is important to know the appropriate grade for the type of plastic products that you are producing. The most common grades include plast white that modifies mechanical and physical properties, plast stiff that improves stiffness and modifies mechanical and physical properties and plast clear that acts like nucleating agent to maintain polymer clarity and improve the woven sacks gloss. Plast supreme improves output and imparts opacity besides improving physical properties whereas the plast fill improves blown film extrusion output and improves the physical properties.

The grades may differ from one manufacturer to another. If you are not very sure what filler masterbatch grade is best for your application, then it is best that you let the professionals take you through the options to make the best decision.

Post time: 03-28-2017