Chocolate Lollipops: Baby Shower Homemade Party Favors Idea

Baby showers are exciting moments as they celebrate the welcoming of a new child into the world. Although exciting they can be costly. Why not help your friend or family member out by making the baby shower party favors for them? Chocolate lollipops are a great idea because you can make a lot of them pretty fast with a relatively small amount of chocolate. If you’ve never worked with chocolate before it can be challenging if you allow it to be or simple if you follow a few steps. First off there are two kinds of lollipops to choose from either multi-colored or unicolored. Let’s focus on one color in this article. The basic steps are melt chocolate coating wafers, fill plastic moulds, lay the lollipop sticks on the mould while the chocolate is still melted, then let the chocolate set for about 25 minutes. You can buy all the supplies: the lollipop sticks, the chocolate wafers, the lollipop moulds online or at local baking supply or craft stores. Make sure to buy the moulds that have the space for the lollipop sticks. The moulds come in all different shapes, baby bottles, rattles, baby faces, cute ful babies, building blocks ect. Find the best baking supplies store in town as they will have the biggest supply. Here in Orlando D&G Occasions is great or search online at or Chocolate wafers come in many different colors, for this occasion, pink, light blue or white are best.

What’s the best way to melt the chocolate?

There is no best way, just your preferred way. You could use a double boiler, a small pot that fits atop a larger one. You heat water in the bottom one and the steam rises and heats up the top pot where the chocolate goes. With the double boiler you could melt a lot of chocolate at one time. My preferred way for this project is the microwave. I put the desired color of chocolate wafers in plastic sealable freezer bags and warm the bags up on 50% power. First, for one minute, then for 15-second intervals,removing the bag each time, working the chocolate from the outside of the bag with my fingers until it is melted. One tip to avoid overheating for either the double boiler or microwave is to heat slowly. Do not overheat, continue to check on it to ensure it is not too hot. Stir frequently if using the double boiler.

What do you use to fill the moulds with the chocolate?

I learned a unique way to do this with plastic sauce bottles that you could buy at many supermarkets. Have many clean caps on hand as the tips can get clogged easily. You could clean them out with toothpicks,but you will lose a lot of time. It’s easier to just replace the cap with a new one. The trick is getting the chocolate into the bottle. If you used a double boiler then you either need to buy one with a spout on one side to allow pouring or you will have to buy an attachment or of course you could pour it through a funnel. If using my preferred method with the freezer bags and microwave, you just cut off the corner of the bag and squeeze the chocolate into the bottle much like squeezing toothpaste. Then seal the bottle with the cap. The next part is the most important- keeping the chocolate liquid.

How do you keep chocolate melted?

You keep the chocolate melted with partially filled glasses and pots of warm water (NOT HOT). You could keep a warm pot of water on the stove and simply transfer some into a tall glass, then place the bottle in the glass. DO NOT LET THE CHOCOLATE get inside the bottle. Chocolate and water do not go together. I prefer to place the partially filled glass in the pot while still on the burner. I have a portable burner next to my work station so I don’t have to walk across the kitchen.

How do you fill the moulds with the sauce bottles?

It’s easier to have several moulds rather than just one. Since you will need time for the chocolate to set, harden. The moulds are like trays and have many cavities in which to fill with chocolate, usually 6 to 8 per tray. So imagine filling one tray mould letting it set in the refrigerator for about 25 minutes, removing the lollipops, then doing it again, over and over. It’s just easier and faster to use several trays so you can fill them all at one time before allowing them to set. Squeeze the chocolate into one cavity at a time until it lines up with the top. Fill all the cavities of the tray then grab it by the sides and tap it against the table until the chocolate lays flat. Pop all bubbles that surface with a toothpick. Lay a lollipop stick in the space on the mould sticking one end at least halfway up the back of the cavity. Set the tray in the refrigerator for about 25 minutes and repeat the steps for the next tray. Going back to the melting step, it’s important to melt the chocolate slowly and not to overheat it or it will discolor a little while it sets. After all lollipops set carefully remove them from the moulds.

What’s the best way to package them?

It’s best to package them in cellophane bags and to tie them off with ribbon. You can even place stickers on the front or back. Then place the lollipops in a rectangle or round tin. You can buy these at craft stores too.

Which brand of chocolate is best?

I have found two kinds I like either Wiltons or Merckens. Wiltons is easier to find and less expensive, from $2 to $3 per bag here in the US. Walmart even carries them now, but just not a big variety of colors. These two brands taste good and get the job done.

Post time: 04-29-2017