ChickBox Plastic Poultry Nesting Alternative

ChickBox is a revolutionary design in nesting for chickens. It is a plastic injection moulded nest box system. The aim of ChickBox is to make poultry keeping and welfare easier and much more efficient.

ChickBox was designed by a company called BEC (The Boiler Equipment Company). On the market before ChickBox the main alternative was fabricated by wood. But this nest box is actually a single mould of plastic. The surface makes the product unbelievably easy to clean.

The reason that ChickBox has become so popular over night is that it addresses the major problems with poultry laying today, there are as follows: -

Red mite infests the wooden poultry nests the reason being the parasite lives in the cracks and crevices of the wood, the problem is addressed by ChickBox as there is nowhere for the red mite to breed, also the wipe easy surface ensure the nest is clean.

Diseases and bacteria can be controlled because they can be completely sanitized in a single wipe rather than spending hours cleaning the traditional nests.

Testing also proves that the chickens love to lay in ChickBox, farmers have no issues getting their birds to use the new alternative.

The new nesting system is also a very cost-effective alternative to traditional nesting systems

The polymers used in this plastic nesting box are very hard-wearing and are not subject to erosion like metal nesting boxes, also excrement is easily removed.

ChickBox is available in Brown and Yellow at the moment, and can also be purchased with a removable egg tray, which is perfect for catching eggs and makes easy collecting.

Post time: 04-15-2017