CD Duplication Vs CD Replication – How Professional Companies Can Help You Make a Correct Choice

The process of CD duplication and replication are entirely different from each other; however, it is seen that new customers are often unaware of the difference between both the processes and their application. The decision on whether your project needs replication or duplication is based entirely on the quantity of units needed, the maximum acceptable turnaround time, and last but not the least, the quality desired.

CD Replication vs. CD Duplication

These are two methods that are selected during DVD copying and CD copying.

  • Duplication Process: This process, popularly referred to as CD “burning”, is used to copy the contents of one CD or DVD onto another disc using a disc drive. This method is used when less than 1,000 CDs or DVDs are required. Numerous companies burn their data using in-house towers that consist of around 21 target drives, a software interface to control the activity, and a hard disk on which the original source files can be stored. The towers may also include robotic arms and discs magazines that may hold 25, 50 or even 100 discs. Although it is a cost-effective way; however, if you are new to business or do not have a well-managed set up, it is highly advisable that you search for a professional company offering data duplication services.
  • Replication Process: It is a manufacturing process that is known to replicate or clone the original master. In this process, first, a glass master is created, and then, a set of mould or stampers are made from the master. The stampers are then mounted onto an injection mould machine in order to create a replica mold. Once the mould is ready, the disc is coated with an extremely thin layer of aluminum. Finally, a defending lacquer is spun onto the disc and it is hardened with the help of ultraviolet light. The process is extremely complicated and hence, requires experts to perform it well. The CD replication process is considered for the runs larger than 1, 000.

How Professional Companies Can Help You Make a Correct Choice and get you top quality at cost-effective rates?

Professional companies provide comprehensive customer-oriented services with the help of their dedicated, experienced and trained staff having vast knowledge about DVD and CD duplication and replication processes. However, while sourcing your need, always make sure that the company has ISO accreditation. You may also check the reviews received by the chosen company in order to find out the proficiency you may expect from your choice.

Post time: 01-08-2017