Casting Metal Straight Into 3D Printed Plastic Mildew

“Lucifer, the Lightbearer” — Bismuth cast directly into 3D printed Abs plastic mold. For item information and info see

About the movie:

In conditions of pure videography, I’m really happy with this a person – I may have invented a new visible impact by way of sheer power of terrible lighting: Inspite of borrowing a friend’s Hd camcorder, I nonetheless managed to make the a person reside-action sequence seem like it was shot in the bilge of an WWII Unterseeboot – a deleted scene from Das Boot: “Hans, if you can not cast this little figurine we are going to never ever make it back to the area!” (They manufactured it out Okay, and manufactured a pit-cease in Trinidad by way of 1979 to choose up the audio observe.) (comply with me on teh Twitters!)

Post time: 05-01-2016