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This video clip is the sixth stage on the Plat-Mex Jewelry producing Casting approach. This is the most important stage in the casting jewelry producing approach. This is exactly where the precious metal will be blended with other metals in purchase to build the sought after alloy. The blend of metals is likely to receive a liquid point out.
The liquid metal alloy is poured into the hallow component of the expenditure contained in just the flask exactly where it fills the area that the wax tree utilized to occupy, having the form of the jewelry tree and resulting in a precious metal jewelry tree.
Component of the casting devices at platmex includes a casting machine with h2o cooler stand and yet another casting machine with h2o cooler stand and autocast. The flask is inserted into the machine and so is the blend for the alloy and the casting happens instantly.
Once the casting is complete the flask is removed from the casting machine, it is immersed in chilly h2o exactly where the metal cools off and becomes one hundred% good sustaining the form of the jewelry tree and the remainder of the expenditure is removed with pressurized h2o. In this situation the Precious Steel is Silver.
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Post time: 12-05-2016