Candy Molds

Candy molds are typically made out of clear plastic or rubber, and in some cases they are made out of metal. The material used to make a candy mold depends on the type of candy they are meant to be used for. They also come in an enormous variety of shapes and sizes.

Here are just a few of the shapes that candy molds come in:

-Thanksgiving: Horn of Plenty, Corn Cob, Turkey, Pilgrims, Pumpkin

-Graduation: Girl Grad, Boy Grad, Cap and Diploma, Congratulations Lollipop

-Halloween: Jack-o-lantern, Frankenstein, Ghost, Moon, Spider, Skeleton, Black Cat, Witch

-Anniversary Candy Molds: Congratulations Bar, Congratulations Lollipop

-Christmas: Christmas Tree, Santa, Poinsettia, Snowman, Toy Soldier, Reindeer, Star

-St. Patrick’s Day: Four Leaf Clover, Leprechaun, Shamrock, Irish Hat

-New Baby: Rattle, Baby Feet, It’s a Girl, It’s a Boy, Baby Bottle, Diapers, Stork

And we are just barely scratching the surface when it comes to the number of different shapes and designs that candy molds are available in. Plus, with the different colors of ingredients that can be used to make molded candies there is no limit to the ways your candy can be designed and personalized.

You can also use candy molds for making many other specialties other than just making candy. Candy molds are great for making ice cubes or sugar cubes for a special event. They are great for making cream cheese treats, rice crispie treats, holiday mints or jello jigglers for special occasions. Some people even use candy molds to make decorations out of plaster. As you can see the only limit is your imagination when it comes to using candy molds.

Various candy molds are designed for different uses and they are made from different materials depending on that use. The materials used are typically plastic, rubber or metal. Many candy molds are designed to make molded chocolates so they don’t have to be very heat resistant; while others are designed for making hard candy and suckers, so they are made of material that can withstand high heat so that the hot candy can be poured right into the mold.

Now, lets say you want to make candy for a wedding or to celebrate your child’s sports team. By using different colored dipping chocolate or other different candy making ingredients you can come up with candies personalized to the color schemes of the wedding or the sporting teams uniforms.

Other good uses for the molds that tolerate heat is using them to make cookies or little cakes or even for making your own decorative soaps. The list goes on and on as to the ways in which candy molds can be used to make treats and decoration to personalize a special event.

Here are just a few more ideas for using candy molds: Gum Paste, Cement, Modeling Clays, Candles, Fondant, Sidewalk Chalk, Cinnamon, Play dough, etc. When it comes to working with candy molds you can let your imagination wander.

Post time: 03-22-2017