Candle Making Molds Made Simple

If you are just getting started in the wonderful and rewarding world of making your own candles at home, there are a few things you will need to consider and be aware of as you get going. One of these that is not often mentioned is candle making molds. A mold is basically the container you will use to pour your melted wax into. When the wax cools it takes on the shape of the mold. Remove it from the mold, and voila, you have your candle!

However, not all molds are equal, and understanding the basic differences between the most common types will help ensure that you choose the right ones for your first candle making project. There are literally countless different shapes & physical designs available to the modern-day chandler but they can all usually be broken down to a few different types of materiel that they are made of.

One of the best selling mold materials is plastic. This is often suggested for beginners and those less-committal types that like to put one toe in first to test the water before jumping head first into a new hobby.

Plastic is usually the best candle making mold to start with due to the fact that it is inexpensive and very easy to maintain and clean. Fortunately, the plastic molds can be reused; however the lifespan is not even comparable to other materials, like rubber, latex, or aluminum which means that as you advance in your own candle making you will most likely upgrade your molds to those made of higher quality and longer lasting materials.

Metal has been used for years to create candles. While there are different types of metal candle making molds available, the most popular material in the metal family is aluminum. This lightweight metal has many desirable qualities for making candles. It is easy to store, lasts much longer than plastic molds, and due to its smooth surface it produces candles of exquisite quality that are easily mistaken for professionally made candles.

While metal molds do last longer, they also come with a few trade-offs. The first of which is that, unlike plastic molds, cleanup usually requires more than just soap and water. By lining a cookie baking tray with foil, and placing the aluminum candle making mold on the sheet upside down, the wax will easily melt and drop off in a 150 F degree oven.

If you come to find that you too find making candles at home a relaxing, and enjoyable hobby, you might consider doing this as a part time business. The candle market is a very competitive and desired market. If this is the case, you may want to consider upgrading your equipment to rubber candle making molds.

While rubber molds may be some of the most expensive available, the quality of your final candle product will be impressive. This candle making mold provides you with a seamless form that is void of any lines, bumps, etc. One important tip to remember when working with rubber molds is to ensure that they dry completely after washing before using them again.

Post time: 02-16-2017