Candle Making Molds Give You Professional Grade Candles

Candle molds are a candle maker’s best friend.  That’s because they come in a variety of shapes and sizes and allow the intrepid candle maker to fashion candles based on a myriad of forms and objects.  Candle molds are also available in different materials and a range of price levels according to need and experience.

Glass Candle Molds

Glass has several benefits in that they cool down relatively quick and provide for easier removal of the candle from the mold.  Another advantage of glass is that any old glass jar or  container lying around can work.  Of course this mold type also delivers a glass-smooth finish.  The disadvantage of glass molds is they are fragile and can crack which will show up in the finished candle’s surface.

Metal Candle Molds

Metal is very versatile and have the obvious benefit of being durable, short of some catostrophic mishap.  They also lack the seam found with other mold types and therefore the candle does not require trimming after it’s been removed from the mold.  The downside is the metallic side does not tend to “let go” of the candle easily after the cooling process if finished.  Fortunately, there are silicone sprays available that help to mitigate this problem.  Another positive is that metallic molds are easy to clean since you can heat them up, turn them upside down, and simply let the melted wax drip out.

Plastic Candle Molds

Plastic makes for the least expensive candle mold. The plus side to plastic molds is they can be used without much worry of scratching or cracking making them very suitable for beginning candle makers.   The downside to plastic is that the integrity of the mold wears out quickly.  Neverthless, it’s a good material for practicing with.

Rubber Candle Molds

Rubber comes in different materials such as polyurethane, silicone, and latex so  they are naturally malleable.  Being so, the variety of designs is nearly unlimited.  The downside of this flexibility is they may distort when hot wax is poured into them so they can require a watchful eye during the cooling process.  This characteristic also causes rubber to degrade over time.  However, rubber imparts a distinct matte finish and allows for easy release from the mold.

Polyurethane is generally the least inexpensive but has the unfortunate proclivity to impart a peculiar smell to the candle.   The use of latex is fantastic for creating unique molds because it can be painted on a hard object and replicate that object as a candle mold.  Silicon molds are increasing in popularity as they exhibit lots of user friendly properties like easy release and mar free finishes.

Post time: 04-02-2017