Canatu Adaptable Contact with CNB In-Mold stretchable, formable, conductive capacitive contact

Canatu shows their most up-to-date transparent conductive movies and contact sensors for adaptable and 3D contact devices. At Printed Electronics United states, Canatu introduced CNB In-Mold Movie, a stretchable, formable, conductive film optimized for 3D formed capacitive contact shows and contact surfaces in car middle consoles and dashboards, house equipment regulate panels, distant controls, smartwatches and portable electronic devices. Canatu’s transparent movies and contact sensors are dependent on a new style of carbon nanomaterial: Carbon NanoBud. Carbon NanoBud is not minimal by the brittleness or steel exhaustion associated with extra regular indium tin oxide (ITO) and steel mesh buildings, and therefore stretchability and 3D forms are now possible.

Printed Electronics Europe takes spot in Berlin April 28-29th 2015:

Post time: 06-03-2016