Buying White-Water Kayaks Online

White-Water Kayaks have been popular form of kayaking for many years sometimes known as recreational Kayaks; white-water kayaks are often shorter than standard kayaks with a higher more built up cockpit to allow greater protection from water seepage when fitted with a spray deck. They are built from light weight robust materials such as roto-molded plastics and Kevlar and carbon composites.

As can be appreciated recreational kayaks need to be tuff having been designed with fast flowing white water in mind and are built to be resilient to scraping and buffeting of rocks they are also designed to have limited straight line tracking enabling the kayaker a great degree of turning control in ruff water this tends to make the white-water kayak less stable and more prone to roll for this reason white-water kayaking requires high levels of skill and practice to master and anyone new to the sport should definitely seek expert tuition before venturing on white-water. The modern day white water kayak has been developed for manoeuvrability and crash resistant’s it is also an inherently very buoyant craft, white water kayakers will use specific white-water paddles again made of light weight tuff materials such as carbon and Kevlar.

Specific clothing is also advised the most essential of all being a buoyancy aid such as buoyancy vests or jackets and head protection specifically helmets designed for white-water where the risk of cracking ones head on rocks is much greater than on placid water. Gloves are also highly recommended to protect the hands from scratches and scrapes from rocks and shingle. Check out your specialist kayak centre for tips and advice on clothing and paddles and is new to the sport do most definitely seek expert tuition from a kayaking instructor. Once you are hooked on white-water kayaking you will be hard pressed to find a more exhilarating sport that with proper preparation and tuition can be made relatively safe. For more information please visit White-Water Kayaks.

Post time: 05-11-2017