Buying Injection Molds in China and Reshoring U.S. Injection Molding

Hi, we’re here to talk about reshoring the U.S. injection molding industry, and most importantly, show you how you can grow your injection molding business. Reshoring is the process bringing manufacturing back to the U.S. from China and other countries. We help by lowering the cost of tooling for U.S. injection molders. This may seem counterintuitive at first, since we build our molds in China. But the bottom-line is that without competitive costs on tooling, the U.S. loses the entire supply chain to offshore sources. Not only does the tooling move offshore, but the molded parts go along with it.
Now if we lower your tooling costs, and you can win more business, 90% of the manufacturing stays in the U.S. …If your tooling costs aren’t competitive, you win fewer jobs. Having the capacity and staff to produce molds can be a challenge for many custom molders. Particularly with a package of molds. Offshoring CAN be part of the solution. It reduces mold costs by 30-50%. Equally important is the higher capacity found offshore, which results in shorter lead-times. And you can get 3D modeling and tech support at no cost….Most companies that source offshore get their molds from China. To do that you have to locate potential suppliers…Due diligence typically involves a trip to China, or multiple trips… how well do they QC their materials? Can they catch fake resins? How do they test their molds? What documentation do they provide? … Intellectual property laws. Materials & components. Banking. Project management and mold testing… I’m sure you get the point – it’s a real challenge to source a mold from China on your own. So if you’ve sourced molds in China, or you are considering it, you’ve probably concluded that it’s challenging. What does Jade do to help? We BLACK BOX these challenges. We have already addressed the offshore challenges, and put them in a box, so to speak. This lets you focus on your business, and your customers. The goal of this, of course, is to help YOU win more business. We’re eliminating the unknowns, the uncertainty, and the hassles that you have offshore. You benefit from our long history with suppliers in China. We’ve done the screening. And your molds are built with bullet-proof steel certification and resin verification processes. Your mold is tested to YOUR standards. You see, while others focus on giving you first articles that LOOK correct, we focus on giving you a properly built mold that produces the part correctly. We have U.S. engineering and management running the factory in China, to bridge the cultural differences, and make the process seamless for you. This greatly improves communication. Your touch-points – engineering, customer service, and account management, are in the United States. So you’re always interacting with an American team.
We’re a U.S. company – our banking is in the US, and intellectual property protection is covered by U.S. law. This gives you convenience, and added protection, while reducing your uncertainty.
Then there’s simply overall convenience – All interaction is in U.S. English, and meetings are during your working hours. You see with Jade, our expertise also eliminates the intangible challenges – things like culture, communication, and convenience. Now here a few notes to give you a picture of our company. We’ve been in China for 9 years and have over 100 years of combined U.S. engineering expertise. We’ve built-out a new 20,000 square-foot factory in Zhongshan Our mold building capabilities span the entire range – from prototypes to class 101. We build for press sizes from 20 tons to 2,000 tons. We manufacture cooling fixtures, sonic horns and hot stamps – all at a substantial savings for you. We have in-house 3D design & development and engineering support for you. The next logical step would be to have a conversation with us and get a mold quote. To get you on the road to lowering your costs or finding a better China source — We recommend a web-conference that brings together your engineering, operations and purchasing people with Jade’s engineering team and account manager. We’ll go through a sample Design For Manufacturability and a mold design review with you – and discuss the business in general. To get a quote simply email part files and your instructions to your account Rep, or upload them on our website. You will have a quote within 24-48 hours. We’ll do a DFM & design review conference with you on your mold. Ship you the First Shots Ship you the FAR parts & QC documentation. We’ll then ship your mold by the method of your choice. It’s a very straight-forward process. If you’d like to see how you can lower your costs and win more business, give us a try! Contact us at 888-549-6014 or We look forward to working with you, and helping you to win more business.

Post time: 12-19-2016