Building smooth plastic baits (The easy way)

How to make smooth plastic molds, and lures. The easiest way to make your personal mould, and lures for bass fishing or any variety of fish in normal. This video demonstrates you how to make a mould in a couple easy measures. Building your personal baits is a terrific way to recycle aged plastics that would usually be tossed in the lake or into the trash.

Stage 1: Glue desired bait to bottom of selected mould container

Stage two: Mix plaster of paris and pour it in excess of the baits

Stage 3: Allow it dry for at minimum an hour

Stage 4: Just after it is hardened take away baits

Stage five: Cleanse up mould if needed then epoxy in excess of the cavities

Mould is completed

Stage 1: Slash up and heat utilized smooth plastics for two-3 minutes

Stage two: Pour liquid plastic into the cavities

Stage 3: Allow it dry for 1-two minutes

Stage 4: Enjoy!!!

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Post time: 09-27-2016