Bottle Packaging Products – A Brief

Marketers know that bottle packaging is equally important to what is contained in the bottle. Many products are judged by the packaging as it conveys an image of what is inside the package. Most companies pay a lot of attention to bottle packaging not only from an aesthetic view but also from a safety aspect. One of the basic needs of a good packaging product for bottles is that it should be light, have sufficient strength, be environmental friendly and be of low cost.

The external look of the packaging as well as the internal strength of the packaging is important for bottle packaging. The internal part depends on the contents of the bottle. The type of internal packaging will vary depending on whether the contents of the bottle are liquid or semi-liquid. It will also vary depending on whether the goods are transported by truck, rail, air or ship. For instance packaging for goods shipped by trucks could include the use of bubble wraps for each bottle. This could however reduce the number of units shipped in a truck and cost more.

Specially designed boxes are for instance used for the bottle packaging of wine bottles. Beautifully designed cardboard boxes with ribbed and corrugated exterior or a custom molded pulp bottle packs with a double wall are some of the packaging solutions. Another protective packaging for bottles is the use of Polystyrene, Polyethylene and Pulp Mould. The other safe packaging product is extruded packaging which is flexible, durable and light weight. It has the added advantage of being able to fit any odd shaped bottle while providing sufficient cushion. Compostable packaging is another packaging product line that helps to differentiate a product from others.

Bottle packaging was intoned to improve safety and create a convenient way for people to transport bottle products. However it has disadvantages as it makes the product more bulky and expensive. One of the major disadvantages of most plastic based packaging for bottles is that they are not environmental friendly. An environmental friendly packaging product should be 100% recyclable, reusable, and easy to use and comply with international environmental requirements. Most plastic based packaging products are not biogradable and are an environmental hazard. However they are cheaper than using cardboard or BPA plastics which are degradable.

Post time: 12-28-2016