Benefits of Rubber Feet, Rubber Bumpers, Bumper Feet and Plastic Bumpers

Rubber feet give quality traction, exceptional shock absorbing feature and unlike natural rubber they have superior non-marking qualities and excellent resistance to stress cracking. They are used in different industries including the industrial, consumer, household sector and many more. Good quality rubber feet are manufactured by using ‘Santoprene’ thermoplastic rubber. Other materials like polypropylene and polyethylene are used when required.

Rubber feet are low-skid rubber attachments that are connected to the bottom of objects to prevent slippage, limit floor scratching and soften sound. Rubber Feet are also known as rubber bumpers. These rubber bumpers serve as high performance feet, stoppers, or spacers, absorbing vibration, noise and impact to prevent damage to most surfaces. They offer excellent non-slip properties, do not mark surfaces and blends into surrounding furniture, being made in a variety of colors, to fit almost every application.

Rubber bumpers, rubber feet can be custom made to fit the requirements of various clients. There are different manufacturers available to offer customized rubbers, feet and the customers can choose the one best suited for them. The clients have certain specifications and it is always advisable to go for authentic and reliable manufacturers.

Bumper feet are available in crystal clear format and are practically invisible when applied to colored or see-through surfaces such as glass or plastic. Quality bumper feet use no plasticizers, oils or fillers which are widely used in subsidized products.

Good plastic bumpers are one piece construction made of environment friendly raw materials and are excellent for both outdoor as well as indoor use. They are durable, convenient and are available at the most affordable prices. They are developed, keeping in mind the various utility of the plastic feet. It perfectly fits the bill for all sorts of use as they are available in various shapes and sizes. Plastic bumpers can be available in different colors as per required by the client. They can be tailor-made to meet the requirements.

Post time: 02-23-2017